Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cricket fever!!!

Even though the WC officially started last week, its not until today that the "real" matches are happening. Of course I am terribly proud to state that I have tickets to watch "India Vs West Indies" live at Chepauk on the 20th March.. Hee haw.. Be jealous all of you :) I simply cannot wait!!! Good luck India.. Do me proud boys!! It is extra special coz in all probability this might be Sachin's last WC!! You guys better win it for him.. GO INDIA!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've gotta admit. It was pretty fun this year! Valentines, I mean. We went on a long drive on the ECR, drove up to one of those "shacks" by the beach, which I thought was really cute. We just sat back, relaxed, ate, drank, chilled out and talked. Best part was he brought his camera and I had my first photo shoot session with him.. some of the pics were so damn cute! He has promised to put them up on Facebook. On our way back, he gave me a little offroading experience, which blew me off, as usual. Next thing I knew I was standing near the seashore.. Was so calming and lovely to feel the cool water up my legs on that hot sunny afternoon.. Sigh. So glad I live in Chennai.. I would be lost without the beach.. We then drove back to the city, walked around in KNK, checked out the new lounge Cafe, and then headed to dinner at "Kryptos" which is this nice new fancy Greek restaurant. Its run by the same dude that owns Tuscana and it was pretty good stuff! We had a nice time talking and reminiscing over our days at Chrysler. Of course no evening is complete without digging into some real dessert. We first thought we'd walk across to Movenpick but decided against it. Would have been too rich and so yours truly came up with the idea of eating some good ol' Arun icecream at its new outlet in Annanagar. It was goooood stuff! Perfect way to end the day! I wrote a Valentines day card after ages!! lol It was fun actually! I got a nice bag and a cute photoframe with one of our favorite pics.Photo courtsey: Vivek.  See below :) Enjoy the love month u guys! <3