Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feelin' low

It's just one of those days.. ok actually week.. where I've been feeling low. Low about so many things - its been busy nevertheless. Work's been super busy, so busy that I hardly had the time to spend at home and do things around the house. I've never been a clean freak, but even I was quite disgusted at how dirty the house had gotten over the last ten days. The weekend was a bitch, I had to work on Saturday and spent the entire Sunday at the event, hoping I'd get a comp off Monday. Surprise Surprise - I had to show up on Monday also. Wth! :(
Which meant, I hardly had time to catch up - no surprise that the hubby is super pissed, we had a huge argument around it, we've been fighting a lot. Phew.
What's worse is we are off to Delhi this Thursday and I was soooo looking forward to it - to do all that sight seeing/shopping/eating chaat/buying shoes... oh all that general blah.. Suddenly it doesn't excite me anymore.
S-A-D --- hoping things get better. Could do with some hugs now. Hope to be back in a better frame of mind, sorry guys.