Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blame it on him!

Facebook asked me to spill what's on my mind but I'd rather say it here - Stupid Cupid! Why can't you ever leave me alone?! On second thoughts, maybe not! What would life be without butterflies in my stomach, love and romance? :P I cannot, for some strange reason, stop smiling tonight!! :-)))

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, Sne! :-(

I'm way depressed tonight and no, its got nothing to do with me or my life. Just heard that my little sissy didn't get through her final year BDS paper in college - and let me tell you a little bit about her. Sne's about 3 years younger than I am. We're first cousins. We're both only kids to our parents and hence we grew up together like own siblings. I'm incredibly fond of her and very very protective of her. When we grew up, Sne always topped - right from kindergarten to primary to high school to higher secondary and she made her way through to a premier dental college in Chennai. Not just academics, Sne was all over the place. Sne was an awesome athlete, good singer, dancer, she was the school head girl etc etc - You get the drift - She's always been a topper, a super talented child - in my lingo, a STAR! Even though I lived away from her for almost 4 years, things didn't change as much. We still talked, we started where we left off. Tonight's a rude rude shock for our entire fam - Amma's voice was so shaky when she talked about it tonight. I am unable to believe it - of course, its not such a big deal. People fail in college. Professional courses are tough. Maybe its because of all the hype that surrounded Sne. She was to be our first "doc" in the family and we'd even planned where to throw her a party. That's how optimistic we were about her passing her exams. Anyway, I just talked to her and we talked for barely 2 seconds - she couldn't even control her emotions. I wished I could be with her tonight - give her a nice, big, tight hug. If there's one thing that my family has taught me, its to stand by our loved ones throughout, especially in times like these. Just to let my baby sister know that I'm there for her and that she's going to get through these 6 ridiculously tough months of her life. I'm positive something "awesome" is awaiting you around the corner - love you Sne, stay strong, I know you'll fight this out. Muah!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All about being a Drama Queen!

I'm mentioned in the papers! No not that way silly, what I meant was there was a write up on "Drama Queens" in the Metro Plus this morning - Couldn't resist posting that here! For all those ignorants out there, read on to find out what a true drama queen is! :P On that note, Happy Birthday Shan! Have a wonderful day!! :)
Courtsey: The Hindu(Metro Plus - 15th September 2010)

Drama queens (or kings; this is certainly not restricted to the fairer sex) must live life as if all the world really were a stage, and the spotlight were perennially shining upon them. Any event at any time of the day can be cause for Drama — no happening is too trivial or small. What the rest of the world shrugs off as minor irritants, the drama queen must turn into grand Shakespearean tragedy. “The milk boiled over!” “Oh the horror, the horror!” “You missed the bus?” The agonising pain of it all…!

What drama queens needs most of all is, naturally, an audience. In any emotionally charged situation, they must find a way to be the centre of attention, whether it's warranted or not. In other words, become the bystander who bursts into hysterical sobs or faints away dramatically at the scene of an accident or crime and has to be comforted / sedated / revived, etc. (while the actual victim sits huddled sadly on the sidelines!). Or, the guy throwing a massive temper tantrum for having been kept waiting for 15 minutes at a Government office, while about 100 others around him have been waiting in quiet resignation for the last several hours.

Perhaps, the greatest pleasure in a drama queen's life is the re-telling (and re-living) of these moments of great personal strife and tragedy. An audience, therefore, is once again a prerequisite, and the more credulous, the better. Because with each telling, the tale must get more and more improbably dramatic, and the drama queen's own role must get more and more tragic / heroic, until it loses touch with reality altogether. Being a stickler for the truth is a strict no-no.
That's why drama queens must always have their own posse (P. Diddy has nothing on them) — after all, they need to have a mobile audience unit with them at all times to provide round-eyed responses to their stories and / or splash cold water on their faces when the histrionics go overboard. And what's in it for the posse, you ask? Well, they revel in all that constant drama — it's like being part of a real life soap opera, and the gossip never runs dry.

When drama queens / kings run short on ‘real' audience members (even the posse tires at times), they can turn to the virtual. The possibilities are endless online — dramatic Facebook status updates! Cryptic tweets about (vaguely hinted at) tragic events! And to the big one, darkly emotional diary entries on the blog! And, soon the Internet audience is clamouring for more. What could be more satisfying?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Id Mubarak!

To my trillion Mozzy friends out there, have a wonderful day! I miss the yum biryani Shaan's mum makes, I miss making visits to Mehaj/Zam's places, I totally miss the yummy sher korma that Tariq lovingly made for me in good ol' St. Louis. Enjoy the day you guys! Much love, ME :-)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Insatiable :-)

I heard this song after ages tonight but it still remains a haunting favorite:
Pls excuse the slightly "steamy" video!  Figured I'd go ahead and post - this is a blog for adults! WTH! :P
He sings it with so much passion/love and the lyrics are pretty darn amazing! SIGH - Is there a single un-romantic bone in my body??

Courtsey: Darren Hayes - Insatiable

When moonlight crawls along the street
Chasing away the summer heat
Footsteps outside, somewhere below
The world revolves, I've let it go

We build our Church above the street
We practiced love between these sheets
The candy sweetness scent of you
It bathes my skin, I'm stained of you

And all I have to do is hold you
There's a racing within my heart
And I am barely touching you
Turn the lights down low
Take it off, let me show
My love for you insatiable
Turn me on, never stop
Wanna taste every drop
My love for you insatiable

The moonlight plays upon your skin
A kiss that lingers takes me in
I fall asleep inside of you
There are no words, there's only truth
Breathe in breathe out, there is no sound
We move together up and down
We levitate our bodies soar
Our feet don't even touch the floor

But nobody knows you like I do
'Cause the world may not understand
That I grow stronger in your hands

Repeat Chorus
Baby, oh yeah
We never sleep, we're always holding hands
Kissing for hours talking and making plans
I feel like a better man, just being in the same room
We never sleep, there's just so much to do
So much to say can't close my eyes when I'm with you
Insatiable the way I'm loving you, oh baby, yeah

Repeat Chorus
Oh baby, when I'm looking in your eyes
Insatiable, that we ain't loving you
Ohh, looking at you insatiable, insatiable
For you insatiable for you insatiable
Love for you insatiable

Yummy Mummy!

Most of my friends(school/college/grad school) are married and have kids. And one constant complaint I keep hearing(from the hubbies, that is!) is that their darling ladies put on too much weight especially post pregnancy! I try telling them that is next to impossible to be skinny - I mean you are getting a living being out of your womb, for Christ's sake.  But I solemnly swear in this post that I will be a "YUMMY MUMMY" :P Heard of this term before? Well, Urban Dictionary defines it as "A mother who is interested in looking after herself as well as her family while taking pride in her appearance. She doesn't have to be gorgeous just a little interested in being mildly fabulous!" Haha. Sounds super cute, right? I'm just very kicked by the term! Yummy Mummy! Gosh, I could just keep saying it. =)