Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrapping up 2011!

It feels like I just posted about the beginning of 2011, can't believe it's almost gone!
Oh well, life's been extremely busy. First of all, the Margazhi season is here which means Chennai has good weather, lovely music and dance concerts, holiday season etc etc
Thankfully for me, K likes to go to concerts, we went to a few and enjoyed ourselves! We had the pleasure of listening to Kadri Gopalnath last evening and boy we came out totally relaxed! He is terrific. And K managed to get an autograph from him as well!! He is a big fan and for his luck it all worked out(he drew him a saxaphone!!).. Cute! :-)
We also celebrated "Karthikai Deepam" -- my hubby lit a lot of lamps and our house looked beautiful!
It gets even better with Christmas around the corner. I baked a chocolate cake for Christmas and it was quite YUM! :) I realize that having a hubby like K works in a lot of ways.. he pushes me to go that extra mile and experiment new things in my kitchen. I hate to say this but I am having good fun!! I never thought I would!
Speaking of Xmas, well well well, we have our own little Christmas tree set up at home.. complete with LED lights and all! It is super cute.. and I love it!
Oh I never posted about Delhi. Well, Delhi was great fun! We ate street food, we had yummy pani puris, aloo tikkis and loads of shopping! Met K's Paati, who really is a sweetheart! Delhi weather was good, we did lots of sight seeing like typical tourists.. Humayun's Tomb, India Gate, the Qutub and what not.. it was all good fun!
Dinners -- We went to quite a few snazzy dinners this month.. Fusion 9 was good.. great ambience, drinks, good food.... highly recommend! We also tried out Above Sea Level which is different.. its an open terrace.. again good food, nice place to chill out especially during this weather!
Movies -- well well, I watched Twilight with Shru from work(was brilliant!!), I watched Tintin(good one again!), Puss in Boots(Antonio Banderas' voice.. 'nuff said!).. all good movies. Didn't watch Ra One.. Planning to watch The Dirty Picture, Mayakkam Enna.. both have good reviews.. I'm of course one of those who is addicted to Kolaveri much to K's annoyance.. but I think its a plain, simple song... it's caught on to me!
Well, in all I must say it has been a very memorable year for me.. You don't get married that often do ya? ;)
Looking forward to an even better 2012... Wishing all you guys a very Merry Christmas and a lovely New Year 2012! Have fun my friends.. Party hard! <3 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jerk Magnet!

Me thinks I've had some pretty rotten luck having to deal with losers lately. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feelin' low

It's just one of those days.. ok actually week.. where I've been feeling low. Low about so many things - its been busy nevertheless. Work's been super busy, so busy that I hardly had the time to spend at home and do things around the house. I've never been a clean freak, but even I was quite disgusted at how dirty the house had gotten over the last ten days. The weekend was a bitch, I had to work on Saturday and spent the entire Sunday at the event, hoping I'd get a comp off Monday. Surprise Surprise - I had to show up on Monday also. Wth! :(
Which meant, I hardly had time to catch up - no surprise that the hubby is super pissed, we had a huge argument around it, we've been fighting a lot. Phew.
What's worse is we are off to Delhi this Thursday and I was soooo looking forward to it - to do all that sight seeing/shopping/eating chaat/buying shoes... oh all that general blah.. Suddenly it doesn't excite me anymore.
S-A-D --- hoping things get better. Could do with some hugs now. Hope to be back in a better frame of mind, sorry guys.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogging on a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon!

I hope you lovely people had a wonderful Diwali - My thala Diwali was indeed truly memorable. Family, food, crackers, sweets, new clothes, dressing up and being the centre of attention... Sigh. It's no wonder Diwali is my favoritest festival!
I'm quite grumpy. Festival season is ending, holidays aren't that many, in fact I have no holidays left this year, everything looks gloomy. My job's quite a bitch. 'Nuff said here in this forum. Wanna run -- Wish me luck peeps!
Well my weekend was good. Just sat at home all day today, cooked quite a lot, watched Formula 1(what have u done to me, K?!?).. I just started reading Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020.. Believe it or not, I went to Landmark just to get it. I say that because I know quite a few friends who can't stand the dude. I like his style of writing - it's simple and light. His 2 States was quite hilarious. His other books haven't been too bad either...  So decided to give this one a shot.
Otherwise its been a lazy, gloomy, rainy day.... Chennai weather has been SEXY! You don't hear that too often, do ya? I cannot believe that it is the same city that scorches 40 degrees in Summer.
Tonight is perfect weather to gorge on hot yummy Maggi --- unfortunately for me, K HATES maggi. Me thinks I should have put this down as a condition to marry me! :P Too late now!
I think I'll go switch on the music and dance now. Au Revoir!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crank it up!

Are you in a bad mood? Here's the perfect song that can totally pep you up, no matter what a crappy mood you are in! Trust me on this one! Just turn up the volume to the highest possible decibel and groove away... Can't stop myself from dancin' to this one! :P
"Wanna be my "Chammak Challo.. Oooo"... I am deliriously in lurrvvee with this song!!! Akon, SRK, Kareena... Sigh.. They all rock in this one!!! This one's for all you wonderful people out there.. Enjoy!!!! I'm trippin on this one and feelin' tons better already!! =)

Looking at the brighter side of things

It's really strange that someone whom you think knows you so well, actually doesn't necessarily know everything about you. Confused? I am too! Well, to put it in a simpler way, if I am close to somebody, I would assume they'd know if I am pissed off about something or if something is really bothering me. The least they would do is come ask you what the matter was or if everything was ok. Right? YEA RIGHT! I am so wrong - there are people existing in this world, so full of their own bloody selves, their own work, their own schedule, their own routine and not bothered if you've had a rough day - work wise or even otherwise. And I'm talking about people whom you're close to -- supposedly. Phew. Don't want to waste time writing or ranting about such characters here. I'm just learning to let go and learning to not be too needy or clingy, I never thought I was, but seems like I'm hard to handle so maybe I'm mistaken. I dunno. Frankly I'm getting used to being this way.
Moving on to brighter things in my life --
a) Festival season I told you was here! And boy. It was an extremely busy Navrathri season - lots of Golu hopping, Lots of socializing. Good times! And with Diwali around the corner, things are only heating up even further. I've already gotten my new outfits, blew quite a bit, but full thanks to parents and in laws :-) Pretty excited about wearing it all - got myself a new hair cut and smoothening session, loving all the self pampering ;-)
b) My good buddy flew down all the way from China and landed home - was a super duper surprise!!! Loved having him home with me - only wished I had somehow known - would have cooked him a nice meal  - On second thoughts, its probably a good thing I didn't know - errr, I'll face it, he didn't miss much! :-(
c) Spoke to my chweety Chachu for a long time last week - Bliss! He's still the same sweetheart that I love and miss so much!
d) My bestie M - moved to a new city, with a new job! Wondering why I'm excited? Of course! This is her big opportunity and I told her to grab it!!! I'm hoping she does well and enjoys every minute of her time alone!Good luck, Mousie!!
e) Was a great week in terms of catching up with old buddies - especially the ones I studied with in the US! Sindhu, Esther, Zam, Rads....... good times!!! :)
f) Made Semiya Paysam for the first time and it came out tasting nice! Or so my in laws claimed. Oh well! =)

Gtg now, will post later, feelin much better already, I knew I would! But before I sign off wanna wish my baby boy, Rayyan, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =)
Gosh you're such a big boy already!!! 

Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm not superwoman - just wanna make that clear out here. Heck, I am entitled to make mistakes!
Sometimes I just wonder what big crime is it that I committed? I cannot and will not entirely change the kind of person that I am.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grumpiness - Part II

I am home alone on a Saturday night, bored as hell. My better half is out partying his @$$ off!!!! Was supposed to be hanging out with my bestie and she fell sick. Sucks. I hate sitting in this house all by myself. No nice movies on TV tonight. Jeez, life couldn't get any better could it? 

Friday, September 9, 2011


He wasn't around this morning when I woke up, he wasn't around when I was getting ready for work, he wasn't around on my way to work ... the house is quiet, lonely and eerie. Waaaahhhhhh..... K is on his first official trip this weekend and me not liking it. One bit. I am sad, grumpy and irritable. Can u please hurry up and come back to me, please? 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Festival Time!

Come September and its festivals galore in India - Id, Ganesh Chathurthi, Onam, Kolu and what not!
Its our first Ganesh Puja at home tomorrow and I'm really excited! The Ganapati in my house has ordered that I make Kozhakattais for him. Iyyo. It sounds tres complicated but I've promised to give it a shot!
Will try and put some pictures of my lovely Ganesha!

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi everyone! =)

Friday, August 26, 2011


I have some real happy happy news that I'm dying to share with everyone but I'm supposed to be hush hush about it for sometime!! :( So I came straight here and I'm saying - Congratulations!!!!! Will post in detail soon =) 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Word - Bliss!

I'm back after a much needed, highly rejuvenating, extremely fun-tastic road trip with my hubby!
Location : Chennai --> Pondy --> Gangaikondacholapuram(henceforth referred to as GCK)-->Kumbakonam-->Thanjavur--> Pondy--> Chennai!
We left at 5 am on Saturday morning(both of us shot out of beds like bunnies, it was so cute!). We headed straight to Pondy - the drive was beautiful and we had some lovely music playing in the background as well. Orey the romance only! :P
We were there around 7ish, gobbled down some breakfast and hit the road again. We reached GCK around 11:30 - For my ignorant friends, GCK has the replica of the "Big Temple" at Thanjavur and it is now a world heritage monument. The temple was beautiful - it was huge, clean, quiet and had some brillant architecture. We walked around in the heat, K was busy taking his snaps, he didn't even come into the temple - I was on my own, I climbed the walls, monkeyed around like a little kid, K caught me on camera as well! :P
It was time to move onto the next location - Kumbakonam. I've never been to this place as well and for some weird reason I've always thought it was a place full of Brahmin priests and only temples. So quite naturally I was shocked to find a whole bunch of Muslims and mosques!! No kidding! All said and done, Kumbi(as I affectionately refer to it post our trip) was simply superb! It was full of pretty looking temples, the people were extremely welcoming and hospitable, the food was outta this world, the weather was just perfect! We checked into our hotel around 2ish, had lunch and rested a bit - We then set out to a nearby place called "Dharasuram" - again a small temple, with nice architecture and a beautiful garden surrounding it. I posed, K clicked pictures and we had a blast! The next destination was "Swamimalai", a small beautiful temple on the banks of the Kaveri, in a small hill. Was a very pretty place. It was a temple dedicated to Murugan and we had to do some small puja in there per my FIL's orders. We then headed back to the hotel and took a small walk by the temple tank - was very peaceful.
Next day, we woke up late, ate a lazy breakfast and decided to set out to a proper temple whereby we had to do a proper puja again per FIL's orders. It was crowded and hot and both K and I were pissed off! lol. We ran outta there as soon as we could, came back to the hotel and lazed around. The plan for the evening was to drive to Thanjavur. The drive to Thanjavur from Kumbi was real fun - the road was curvy and it was great fun especially at times when K would zip across the road like we owned it! One thing I realized this trip was that K was a brillant driver - I was so proud of the way he drove, very responsible, very safe even when he was doing a 140! Those who came in his way at the wrong time couldn't get away easily! He would hunt them down  it was lots of fun sitting next to him! Drama King, I'd say! :P
We reached Thanjavur around 5ish - I just gaped with my mouth wide open - the Big Temple was BIG! It was HUGE! And so BEAUTIFUL! K has some amazing pictures - will post them once he works on it -but seriously though, I felt stupid for not having seen such a beautiful monument before this. A must see for all Indians, I'd say. Again a world heritage monument, it was similar to the temple at GCK - except that it was bigger, noisier, dirtier and had hordes of people! I still liked this one better unlike K. The sun was slowly setting and it presented a very pretty picture - Again, K clicked his snaps, I walked and walked and walked, he gave me some gyan about the temple, showed me interesting sights to see etc etc. Good fun!
Before I knew it, it was getting darker and it was time to go :-( He drove me to a spot in town from where we could get a lovely view of the magnificent temple - Aahh. Very nice :-) We then drove back to Kumbi and I was getting sad that the trip was coming to an end. We ordered in lots of food, watched some TV, relaxed and were in delirium :-) Left to Pondy next day around 11ish after breakfast, snacked at Rendezvous in Pondy, it was nice to go back there after a long time, the place was still quite nice and we promised to go back there sometime for a weekend! We drove by the beach and headed back to Chennai. Waahh! It wasn't enough. Like any other trip, I hated going back, thinking of all the work there is to be done, thinking of going to work the next day.. Waaahh! I hated it!
Small things that made me very happy in this trip --
--Watching the Kaveri river up close especially during sunsets - was tres jolie! There was so much water in there, I am thinking what the hell are people complaining about!
-- The lovely winding roads on our drive - I must say I'm impressed. I thought the roads would be terrible, but I was soo wrong. Most places it was a pleasure driving aka zipping across!
-- Nice weather - Pretty decent for this time of year I'd say!
--  Sitting as close as possible to K in the gypsy for more than 9 hours each day,  - Blissful. I've been dying to do a road trip with him and it finally happened! Couldn't have asked for anything more :-)
-- Getting to pose for pictures - Yep. I'm still quite shameless about it ;-)
-- Driving the gypsy! Yaayy! Even if it was for about 30 minutes, I still did it! Thanks K! :)
Things I didn't like
-- I couldn't find my own camera, I love to take pics when I'm in the car and I felt so bad I couldn't find it!
-- Coming back to Chennai, I didn't wanna.... I wanted to stay on there, just like how it was just the two of us together always, no parents, no in laws, no cooking, no cleaning, no squabbling, no arguing, no working... no nothing!
I'm already planning our next trip, but looks like it will be a while before the next one though :-(
Pictures from this trip will follow soon, all depends on K!
Thank you K for planning this entire thing out so well, you're the bestest, I couldn't have asked for anything more! Muah! =) 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Couldn't do without these...

I know this is rare - I don't usually log in within a few hours to update BUT I wanted to! So here I am again, this time in a much much much better and improved mood :)
Made a list of things I'm extremely thankful for -
1. My family - Don't have to say anything about you guys - I am what I am today only because of you sillies! Love you all. U are awesome!
2. My in laws - Duh. They are part of family now but they deserve a special mention - No they don't have the slightest clue about this blog space so I'm definitely not sucking up to them through this - but no, they are such wonderful guys! We share a great rapport - they are so so supportive it is quite unbelievable! :)
3. My job - Lovin' every moment of it! The people I meet, the feedback I've been receiving on my training has been pretty darned awesome!, my lovely boss - she's super sweet!, the people I work with are nice too - so it's all good at the moment, touche! :P
4. Our beautiful home - Gawd. The lovely orange curtains in our living room, the blue green colors of our bedroom, the nice pricey furniture from Home Center, all modern appliances we got, the swanky flat screen TV, home theatre system, computer - gosh I could go on and on about our home. I love it! It's not too big, not too small - just perfect I'd say :) Very thankful for our lovely cozy apartment!
5. Friends - M, who advises me on pretty much everything, S who makes me laugh and all my other wonderful pals abroad and here.... u guys keep me going, Drama Queen appreciates all that u do! :)
6. And last but definitely NOT the least - My awesome, loving husband - I don't know what I'd be without you. I've realized over the past few days where we've been dealing with so many things, I felt you were so distant from me and that you were going far away from me(for some strange stupid reason - I think I was wayyy too hormonal) - I couldn't deal with it. I wanted to be close to you. I needed you. Hated being so far and distant from you. Craved some nice bear hugs and kisses. I have realized that its pretty simple - I cannot be the person I am without you - you complete me :) So so sooooo thankful that you've come into my life - Love you sweets! :)

So, we are going on our first road trip this long weekend and I simply cannot wait to get away from all this - looking forward to tomorrow morning 5 am when we set off - Let the fun BEGIN! =) 

LOL :)

Lakshmi Puja at Kgeyes Hyacinth was a big JOKE! :-) 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I need to get a life. Seriously. These past few days have been pretty bad - I'm trying to let go but it comes back to haunt me. K says to me this morning on our way to work "You are going crazy and you are driving me nuts" I'm scared he is not going to put up with my crap anymore! I've become extremely clingy - I was always possessive but I think I'm outta control right now. Its PATHETIC! :-( SOS! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One more time I hear the word "BIKE" I will shoot someone. I swear. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bravo K!

Sometimes the way people talk can be extremely deceiving. When I first talked to K, I assumed he was a natural talker. And I'm talking public speaking here. The way he'd talk to me, his attitude all that made me believe he would be extremely comfortable addressing a crowd. This morning was a bit crazy - both of us had presentations to make at work(Read : Important ones!) and I as usual was going a bit mad - not nervous but just anxious to ensure everything was going to be fine at the event. In the car, on our way to work, K told me he has a presentation to make today that too a major one and I was like "Wow, he never breathed a word of it to me" and he also admitted he was "a bit nervous". It took me by surprise because to me someone like K can engage a crowd very easily - the way he yaps, his command over the language etc. But I guess he's different from what I thought he was - I guess everyday I learn something new about my husband :-)
The reason for this post is to let him know how proud I am of him doing awesomely well in his presentation!!! Apparently his boss congratulated him and there was applause from all the big shots! Super duper proud of you, love!

PS I think he reads my blog and I'm hoping he's super happy and wants to take me out someplace awesome this weekend! Hint Hint! :P 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daddy's Girl :)

A girl may not be the queen to her boyfriend or husband, but she will always be a princess to her DAD, which is why they say a girl's DAD will remain 'THE MAN' in her life forever! 

What an awesome one liner :-) 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Count the Aishus" :P

My inbox is full of emails from family, friends, loved ones and I've treasured many such mails over the years - was digging up something today and this is what I found! Priceless! When I was studying in the US, I had this taped on my wall :-) An email from my darling Chachu, who was about 4 when he typed this up and sent in 2007. 
Wanna see him this instant! :( Love you! 

hi aishu where are you.  aishu i love you. aishu buy  a plane for me. aishu dont buy anything for devi. aishu can you come here.aishu whisky ( my dog in kerala) is very naughty.aishu can you come for my birthday. aishu my mama got married to sreela ammayi.aisuh buy dirty juice for acha.aishu yesterday my amma made pizza.aishu in december is my birthday. aishu there you have a computer.aishu devi full time seeing TV.aishu devi is very naughty nowadays.aishu did you see neopets. aishu devi will get up in the morning and will tell can i see tv can i see tv.aishu aishu you got any pets over there.aishu aishu there you got any friends. aishu is it nice and cold over there.aishu you got any chocolates over there for me.aishu aishu is it bright over there. aishu is it fun over there.aishu is there big big dogs over there aishu.aishu there you buy one robot for me.aishu shin chan is very finny. aishu in your house pooja was there ok.vishal came and he took my power ranger gun and took  home.aishu,ha, you know in kerala nice breeze and thunder came and scared my dog. aishu that dog is very naughty. you know my dog bit me one day and was running and catching me.and that came up and i was jumping jumping jumping jumping.aishu for your house pooja we put rose flower everywhere and i was also helping anu aunty. sekhar uncle told he love crackers.aishu you know my sister ,she is seeing hanna montana and all the dirty things.aishu you love your dad or your mom. aishu you know my friend gireesh, he is very small.aishu you know tom and jerry, tom and jerry is very very know aishu tome and jerry you have too everyday. you got mosquito bat over there aishu.aishu you know devi is a naughty know my sister everytime do computer or tv.aishu you know roshitha gone to calcutta. aishu you know my van friends are naughtier than the van driver.aishu you know know my sister is the naughtiest girl in the whole world. aishu my friend gireesh got a big car like my car same height in his house.

Friday, July 29, 2011

2 months and couldn't be happier :)

Going to Bella Ciao tonight - just me and my hubby dearest!! <3
Told him we'll dig into some yummy ice cream post dinner - he's agreed! I really look forward to times when it's just the 2 of us going out -its kinda hard when you're recently married coz you get so many invites to people's houses, dinners, parties and what not -  so when it actually is happening, I'm so excited and outta control!
Tomorrow night we're going out with our good friend(the one who made this all happen!). He's leaving to go to Chinky land aka China for 3 whole years!! That's too long na? Will miss him! But I'm also super excited for him and I've told him to make the most of this opportunity. Let's see - hope he makes me proud :)
So for old times sake, I told him we should go to Bessie, drink out of Pepsi bottles(my scheming hubby's idea), chill out there and then head someplace for dinner. Really looking forward to hanging out with him.
Then there's the usual meeting up with the parents happening this weekend - basically its packed! Just the way I like it! Happy weekend folks! Enjoy and make the most of it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Can I get one single thing right in this world?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Appa!

Hope u have a wonderful birthday! <3 :-)
Kinda busy right now - I promise to post in here this weekend.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The married girl says HELLO! :)

Hi lovely readers of my blog!
In case you're wondering, I didn't do a runaway bride at my wedding. I was a good, sweet girl, got married properly and didn't do any drama at my wedding! :P The entire 4 days went by so quickly - let me tell you, the days before the wedding where all the planning and shopping happens, that's where all the fun lies. The actual wedding goes by in a jiffy and before we knew we were safely married to each other. I still remember that moment - I was in my green Oonjal saree, sitting on stage and suddenly I was asked to come sit on Appa's lap, someone thrust the red, koorai saree in my hands, another person said fall at Karthik's feet(Yes yes I had to, stop smirking mister!), and 3 girls dragged me to get dressed in that, I was told I had 5 minutes exactly to get into one of the most complicated ways of tying an already complicated outfit :( There were about 20 mamis gaping me in the room and there was chaos all over. I was so numb to any kind of emotions - I quietly stood, someone finally draped it around me, it was time for me to show up in my mami avatar back on stage, Appa was sitting in his chair fondly looking at me and I was shaking when I sat on his lap... very poignant moment indeed... K looked so tension free, I'm like doesn't he know what he's getting into?? He did somethings that the priest made me do and then tied the three knots.. Bliss... I was married people... truly one of the happiest moments in my entire life.. thank you all for the lovely wishes, gifts blah blah blah..
Honeymoon was awesome - Zuri was an awesome choice, K, thanks so much for indulging! Very luxurious, very serene, very romantic :-) Enjoyed our house boat experience - must do I'd say! K was convinced I'm Mallu wonly thanks to me speaking some rubbish Malyalam and him thinking I was fluent. Shows how much he knows huh, coz the chettas weren't too happy, I got lots of stares for talking gibberish! :P
We got back and guess what? Yours truly got a new job as well! Oh man. Life's been busy that much I can tell you! I work with Global Adjustments in R.A Puram - a lovely office, they're into cross cultural training, relocation, realty services for expatriates and Indians moving back from the West. I'm into training and its been fun so far!! Really liking the work, the place etc. Only thing though is its an all women centre - well not really but the majority of them are women and I'm close to a few of them, should take me a while before I make some good friends..
Our new apartment is good, its come up really well, I will take some pictures soon and put them up for u to see.. Very fun life so far.. Will keep updating this space and will definitely write more about married life in detail. Till then, take care guys! Ciao! Happy weekend! :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ze Bachelorette!!!

After much debates and discussions and changes, my awesome Bach was held on Friday night! It all started a month back when my bestie Mosh wanted to discuss with my other friends to have a combined one. She went through some rough times coz of mismatch in schedules, timing etc. It was finally decided that we'd just go out - the two of us and have a nice time! But of course u see that cannot happen. There was drama and surprises. Mehaj walked in half an hour later and surprised me! Sneha walked in another half hour later and surprised me further!!! Wohhoo! In the end it was all good - there were the usual Bach stuff - funky blue tiara that I had to wear all night, drinking, good loud music, "embarassing gifts", cute guys, and of course the dares! :-( I made a fool of myself as usual - my first dare was to pick a random cute boy and buy him a drink, leave it in front of him, smile flirtatioiusly and walk off! I messed up. I went upto the bar, and came back without approaching him coz it was weird. I then took a few deep breaths and decided to be bold and started going upto him with all my friends' eyes on me and for my awesome luck he walked off!!! Argh!!! My girls couldn't hold their laughter back. I have to admit it was funny! He then came back and this time I was determined to throw the drink at him - no matter what. I then went, put down the drink with a thud and just ran! My girls were so pissed - they said go back and complete the dare :-( I then went back, smiled cutely and our conversation went like this --
Cute guy with cute accent(CGWCA) : What was that all about?
Duffer(ME!) - Uh. Sorry.
CGWCA: Smiling was it some dare thingy..
Moronic ME - Uh yea. U see its my bacherlorette tonight.
CGWCA - Ah. Thats nice. Congratulations!
Gives me a broad smile and shakes hands!!
My night is made :-)

I head back and my girls are so jealous. Hehehe. Then there was the awesome quiz that Mosh made and your truly got 9/10 on quiz about my hubby - Yayyy! Pat on my back! :)
The bestest part was when Mr. K walked in towards the absolute end - my mouth was hanging open!!!
Sooper partayyy ladies, thanks mucho.

One week and I'll be a married woman :P
Random pics from the night -
The Venue :)

What we got drunk on!

Sne surprised me by showing up!!!!

Sheepish looks/giggles during my "dare"

The wide grin says it all!

The gurls :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bringing out the wedding planner in me :)

Maybe its coz I'm havin so much planning my own wedding, maybe its coz I'm currently obssessed with the Ainvayi Ainvayi song and maybe because I enjoyed watching Band Baaja Baraat but I wanna become a wedding planner. I've been spending a lot of time doing stuff for the wedding especially coz mom/dad are so busy with work they have no time to spare. I already have my first customer - I've promised my bestie "M" I'm gonna do each and every minute thing for her wedding. True to her crazy self, she says "find me a boy first".. Err let me make it clear, I'm here to plan weddings not matchmaking!!!!
I think I'll be pretty darned good.Not trying to boast but I enjoy it - the planning, the wedding cards, the engagement ceremony, the ring picking, the colors, the decorations, the themes, the entertaining guests bit, the return gifts... oooh.. I definitely wanna do this and I am confident I'll do really well coz I'm sure it'll be lots of hard work but real fun too! So guys, am I crazy? Do u think I'll do well? Watcha say? :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Very proud member of the Madras Gymkhana Club starting tonight! Thanks Appa! You are the best! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

I've always been a Daddy's girl. But honestly though my dad and I do not see eye to eye on a lot of things and hence need Amma to come in between and sort things out. Dunno what the two of us would do without her. When she was away in Dubai for a holiday, we felt it :-(  As much as I keep screaming/yelling/arguing/fighting and getting upset with her, I wanna tell her how much I love her!
Dearest Amma,
Happy Mother's Day Amma. Wouldn't know what I'd do without u. Really. Thanks so much for doing all that you are for the wedding... despite being so busy at work I think you have managed to get so much done! Thanks a ton!! Dedicating one of you favorite songs to you! Honestly though, I think you sing so much better than this chic here. Like ur version better, anyday! <3

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

26 days to go!

Since I couldn't continue doing this on FB for reasons known to me, I've switched here. Nobody can stop me here! I absolutely love this song - like the singer's husky tone, the words, the music, Priyanka, Kangana oh basically everything this song has to offer :) This is specially for u "mister"....thinking of you.. <3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mum Withdrawals!

Dunno why but I miss Amma so much tonight. I'm all down and depressed and wished she were around to get me up and goin. Waiting to see you and spend some quality time with you ma.  :-( :-(

Monday, April 25, 2011

Men! :-(

Situation : K and I taking a stroll in a busy busy road in the evening. An i10 zooms past us and stops at the signal. There's a couple inside - the lady is holding up a really really cute and chubby baby boy who is all smiles looking at me :)

Me(forcing K to look at the kiddo) : He's cho chweet! So adorable!
No response from his end. 10 seconds later...

K: Yea. She's damn cute.. the momma :P
Me (thinking) !?!?! MEN! Or should I specifically say.. GEMINI MEN! :-(

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warning: Dramatic, weird and pissed off mood

Birthday came and went. Wait a second. Drama Queen never announces her birthday this way! That pretty much sums up how I feel post my birthday this year. It was probably my first ever birthday where some of my best friends(at least whom I thought were my best friends) didn't even bother wishing me - not even on facebook. What was so pissing off was the fact that all of them chose to do it on a single birthday - I completely understand u get busy, u fall sick, u have babies and u forget, but to realize that each and every one of them do it at the same day is a little hard to digest.I had a couple of people who always wish me on the 22nd and didn't this time but at least called back in a day to apologize profusely and to wish me.  I have never missed wishing my close friends on their birthdays - every single time. Heck, I even take the effort sometimes to wish some real "not-too-friendly" types on facebook coz u know what, its after all their birthday. It takes two seconds to type it on my phone and wish them. Birthdays are meant to happy, joyful and fun. Thats it. I tell you, I had some real unexpected people wishing me and that made me so happy. I had new people this year who wished me and I was really excited. But its scary to think that the very people whom you were close to forget to wish.  I mean I thought I was close to them. Maybe not. I dunno. And its scaring me to no extent. I don't want to lose them in my life.It made me sad and so depressed. I ranted and ranted and poor K had to bear the brunt of it. I have some real close friends whose friendship I value lots and I want to cherish it for life. Its funny coz some people u take for granted. I was like "yea so they'll definitely call" - and I waited and waited and waited. But they never called. To all those who took the effort to call, a big shout out to u guys. Despite being far far away.. Mumbai, Bangalore, the US of A....thanks u guys, it meant a lot to me. To those who didn't, dont u worry, I'll still be around to wish you guys when your days come around. After all thats what friends are for u sillies.
Special thanks to K - fancy dinner, DKNY watch, lovely lovely roses.. what more can a girl ask for? Thanks a ton:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doctor Amma to TN's Amma

First of all, I must mention a very important person in my blog - Congratulations to Dr. Sneha Shankar!!! :))
If you've noticed way back in August, I was a depressed soul ranting about her exam result. Today I wanna use this space and tell my lil' sissy I'm extremely proud of her achievement and I wanna wish her the very best in life! Good luck Sne and do my root canals and fillings free of cost!!! :))
On another note, election fever has been gripping the country. It has always been a tough contest between Kalaignar and Amma in Tamil Nadu and this year too the campaigning has been fierce.Today is election day and I went to vote. Its not my first time. I knew who I wanted to vote for - as usual I didn't vote for any major party and decided to vote for an independent candidate who has impressed me greatly by promising a "clean Anna Nagar"! Stop laughing!!! He's educated and I'm glad I was not a loser like my parents to vote a corrupt person or these days a corrupt family to power!!! I was also trying to influence K to vote for another educated person in Velachery but he of course had other plans. Pah. These people dont wanna listen to me at all. The symbols for the various parties were quite hilarious - from rings to fans to cricket bats to slates to light bulbs! :P  What impressed me was there were a lot of young people who'd come to vote. Although most of them didn't even know the candidates, still it was encouraging to see them come out and vote on this hot sunny day. The whole process was pretty easy - no problems with my voter id or long queues. Glad I voted, I'm a good good citizen! Did u guys vote today? If not, GO VOTE my people.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Posting for the heck of it.

I've missed writing/ranting in here. All I've written about off late is mostly about cricket. What to do? Post WC, the IPL fever has started. And yes. I've fallen so sick that the parents have forbidden me from going to the stadium to watch any of the CSK matches coz they're convinced that I'm croaking only because I screamed so much during the World Cup matches. So no more cricket for a while.
K and I have been busy house hunting these few months and I'm very proud to say we're gonna be renting a cute cozy little place in Thiruvanmyur. I never ever ever imagined I'd settle in that area. Met the house owners - very nice mama and chatty mami! :P I really like the place though -  It's a new apartment, cute, not too big, just right I'd say. We've started doing it up - bed, AC, we're picking curtains from Fab India, linen from Home Center or At Home(I dunno yet), oh and so many things going on!! Very exciting! :-) K is doing the house warming on the 22nd April(eeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)) and we're planning to start setting it up before we move in post the wedding. The next time I'm there I'll take a few pics and put it all up. Wedding shopping has started. Sarees are being bought for like 500 people I think. Mum insists on buying for every single guest. Dad is helplessly swiping the credit card(s!). Wedding invitation design is picked - there's a lot of debate going on about the font, wording and all. We've started getting reponses from folks out of town and lots of people have confirmed they're coming especially since its a weekend! K and I went over to Maxi Chitti's for drinks/dinner last week. We had a good time. Ashwin is back in Hyderabad for his course at ISB - good luck brother! My post if u notice is very random this time - too many things going on I'd say and I'm just way too excited! Hope this sickness goes away. BLAH.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Congratulations boys!! You've made the entire nation proud! It was such a great moment for billions of us who were praying so hard for you, who bled blue for you! But most importantly, you guys won the Cup for one man: Sachin Tendulkar, God of cricket. He deserved this more than anyone else. He has come a full circle and I'm sure He(Remember he's God, therefore the capital!) couldn't ask for more. GOOD JOB DHONI and BOYS! :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wedding blog!

Yup now its not just one but TWO blogs I need to keep up with. Very proud to say I finally managed to set up our wedding blog - it'll just be stuff about us, our families, events that lead to D-day, pictures and all the hype that surrounds this big event of our lives! Check it out if u can - after all if you have the time to keep up with the Drama Queen, no doubt you'd be pretty "vetti"(jobless!) enough to follow the wedding fun! :P
I've gotta warn u though - its just been set up so the final look may not be there yet, we haven't shared the link yet coz we wanted to update it with a basic few posts but go ahead anyway... it should be fun!

Enjoy mes amis!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100th post and u go... DROOOLLLLLL!!!

Blogger informed me this is my 100th post! Wowiee. To spice it up a bit, I've decided to jot down the 'Top 10 Cuties at the ICC World Cup 2011"!! Howzzat? :))
#10 - At the bottom most, would be Brendon McCullum - I find his name itself incredibly cute! :)
#9 - Shahid Afridi - He's been around since my school days, probably one of my longest crushes. He's still super cute looking and hasn't aged one bit! Muah.
#8 - Kevin O'Brien - Before u go "Huh", let me explain. Kevin is the guy from Ireland that helped them beat England few days ago and he's kinda cute, which explains why he's figured in my elite list of cuties. I think there's something incredibly cute about Irish men, their accent perhaps? :)
#7 - Daniel Vettori - Ah! The Kiwi captain who makes a statement wearing specs! His curly hair is an added advantage! Good luck to u and ur team!
#6 - Virat Kohli - Now I can see lots of girls going gaga. The Indian team's current heartthrob and of course he will find a place in my top 10! Virat is special coz he can play well too and has been in good form. All the more reason to cheer him on! Go Virat!!

#5 - Shane Watson - So now u also get to drool a bit over ur screens, the top 5 dudes are special indeed and they get the privilege of being posted in my blog! ;-) This Aussie bowler is one of my recent faves and has a cute smile :-))

#4 - James Anderson - So I got this brilliant idea for this post when I watched James in action live on Sunday! My cousin and I were drooling away when this lad came to bowl! He's amazingly cute, no doubt. We love u James! :)

# 3- Brett Lee - He's known world over for his cute smile and 'nuff said! No need for any further explanations. Brett is HOT! And will of course find a place in my top 3! :)

# 2- This one was a tough tough decision. But yes deep down I know this is the right choice I've made. At the number 2 spot is our very own charismatic and dashing captain, M.S Dhoni! - There's something incredibly charming about him. Dunno how to quite explain it. He's done very well as our captain so far and here's hoping he wins the cup for us. Of course I'm a little partial to him since he's also CSK's captain! :P We love you MSD! 

# 1 - No prizes for guessing who its gonna be. My eternal favorite. India's favorite sportsperson. God of cricket. SACHIN! - I've been a Sachin fan for God knows how long! I think he was the first cricketer I knew. Grew up watching Sachin thrash all bowlers. Amazing person. I am still amazed as to how he has survived so many years without being involved in any sort of controversies. He's almost 38 but just look at his pic..he doesn't look a day older than 25!! CUTIEPIE! Going to Dollars and Pounds today. Hoping to pick up a #10 jersey.. That would be fantastic!!! Will put up pics if I manage to do that. Here's to my number 1 cutiepie of this World Cup! Good luck Sachinnnn!!!!! :))

Ok now that I'm done with my top ten, I also wanted to let u guys I'm meeting a good good friend back from the US today after a year!Super duper excited! Pics might follow. If we remember to take any, that is. Later guys! Ciao!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cricket fever!!!

Even though the WC officially started last week, its not until today that the "real" matches are happening. Of course I am terribly proud to state that I have tickets to watch "India Vs West Indies" live at Chepauk on the 20th March.. Hee haw.. Be jealous all of you :) I simply cannot wait!!! Good luck India.. Do me proud boys!! It is extra special coz in all probability this might be Sachin's last WC!! You guys better win it for him.. GO INDIA!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've gotta admit. It was pretty fun this year! Valentines, I mean. We went on a long drive on the ECR, drove up to one of those "shacks" by the beach, which I thought was really cute. We just sat back, relaxed, ate, drank, chilled out and talked. Best part was he brought his camera and I had my first photo shoot session with him.. some of the pics were so damn cute! He has promised to put them up on Facebook. On our way back, he gave me a little offroading experience, which blew me off, as usual. Next thing I knew I was standing near the seashore.. Was so calming and lovely to feel the cool water up my legs on that hot sunny afternoon.. Sigh. So glad I live in Chennai.. I would be lost without the beach.. We then drove back to the city, walked around in KNK, checked out the new lounge Cafe, and then headed to dinner at "Kryptos" which is this nice new fancy Greek restaurant. Its run by the same dude that owns Tuscana and it was pretty good stuff! We had a nice time talking and reminiscing over our days at Chrysler. Of course no evening is complete without digging into some real dessert. We first thought we'd walk across to Movenpick but decided against it. Would have been too rich and so yours truly came up with the idea of eating some good ol' Arun icecream at its new outlet in Annanagar. It was goooood stuff! Perfect way to end the day! I wrote a Valentines day card after ages!! lol It was fun actually! I got a nice bag and a cute photoframe with one of our favorite pics.Photo courtsey: Vivek.  See below :) Enjoy the love month u guys! <3

Monday, January 24, 2011

Woot Woot!

Tonight is super special coz I have someone totally awesome as a fiance! :P

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcoming 2011 in style! :-)

Starting a new year is always fun - I mean its time for resolutions, for making changes, for new beginnings etc. Basically it seems fresh and exciting! 2010 was one helluva year - I had come back home, started living with parents again after about 3.5 years, had to get used to living here again, I missed certain people back in the US terribly, missed my job, missed being alone in my cozy apartment etc. But strangely, I never regretted coming back, you know.. True, I missed everything but I know I'd made a good decision by choosing to come back home for good, especially when I heard about my very close friends who were still struggling without jobs. 2010 was probably the year of being with my family and I truly enjoyed being a part of it all again and it made me realize how much I missed out while I was there! I hated the first 5 months!! I truly did and I'm glad to say I've put those behind me completely!! Very proud of myself :-) And then magic happened. Really, it was MAGICAL! I dont know how the rest of the year just "flew" past me but I wish I could hold onto those months forever.. I enjoyed socializing, meeting new people, and livin it up once again! I really enjoyed my job at Chrysler and made some friends for life! Ok, so wondering what was so magical about making new friends/socializing? Well, it was here that I met someone very very special that just completely blew me away.. Introducing "K"(racked my brains for something more sexy or cute but just couldn't come up with anything, might change later when inspiration strikes me!) as he'd be mentioned in my blog going forward, the hero that just had me floored! Contrary to what you'd think or expect, K is simple, an introvert, very down to earth, mature, sweet, caring, charming, well read, biking enthusiast, food-manic, brilliant photographer, and a total flirt(although he wouldn't admit it!). And I say contrary to what you think because I always thought I'd end up with someone that would make "me" shut up, that wouldn't put up with my nonstop chatter, that wouldn't like to read, that wouldn't flirt endlessly and I never ever thought I'd end up with someone that adores bikes so much, considering how much I hate them! What's great though is that he loves to travel, explore new places, knows exactly how to handle my tantrums(thats a BIG thing ;-)), likes music of all kinds, is adventurous in general(like even trying out different cuisines etc), is witty and has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh my guts out!!
To sum it up, I couldn't have asked for a better way to end last year and begin this new year - I'm very excited, very thankful and extremely lucky to have found someone that I adore so much for life!!! Here's hoping we hit it off well and that this year turns out to be one fantastic year for both of us.. You guys have fun too!! Happy 2011 guys! :-)