Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 so far

We are in March already? Where did the first 3 months go? Gosh. It truly has been one busy start to the year. Work has pretty much taken up most of my time. K has also been super busy with an engagement project at work which is due end of April. We barely see each other these days. He leaves home around 8:30 am, I leave around 9:30 and I am back around 8 pm, he is back even later, sometimes as late as 9 pm. We just have time to eat and crash and start all over again the next day. In short, 2014 has been very uneventful. A little boring too. My boss told me that I am not allowed to take any leave this year. Err. Yes I agree I took off on a 10 day trip last October but hey in my defense, it was planned way before I took up my new job. Anyway, no point in cribbing. The good thing is, I love my job. It involves meeting a lot of people, it keeps me going, I get a lot of freedom in terms of decision making, I feel like my bosses place a lot of trust in me.. All these make me feel good! Yes I do have my rough patches here and there, but hey whats a job without a challenge, right? And I must say I've made a lot of friends at work. Last weekend, we took off to a beach house to party and I must say it was amazing. We danced, laughed, made fun of each other and generally went a little crazy! Good times.
K and I are ok. Like I said, we've been way too busy. That doesn't mean we don't have the time to fight. We somehow manage to squeeze in time for that  -  Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi! ;-) He still cribs about mundane things - me not getting his shirts ironed on time, my cooking which is still a work in progress, and other random things which don't even cross my head. #mygrumpsterboy
Excuse my extremely pointless post, but I felt like if I don't find the time to blog today, I just never will. Will be back soon, hopefully with a better post. Tripping on the "Baby Doll" song from Ragini MMS feat. Sunny Leone. Very catchy!