Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chugging along..

Life has been chugging along quietly the last few months. Nothing major going on. Which probably explains the lack of updates here. I'm just working during the week, working harder during the weekends(don't ask what I do but there just seems to be some task or the other). July was a great month socially. Ashwin, my younger brother tied the knot with Mythreyi(Mittu as she is affectionately called) and I couldn't be happier for him. Mittu is cool, sweet and good fun the few times I've hung out with her. They make a fab couple and I wish them all the happiness in this world :) It also meant lots of tamasha - we had a kick ass Sangeet function where I got everyone dancing again... Chikni Chameli, Gandi Baat, Tune Marri Entriyan and the likes... And the finale was the "Happy Song" to which I had the entire family grooving.. It was so much fun! And we were well appreciated by the crowd.. Fun stuff! Of course, this event wouldn't have been half as much fun without Sne & Dee who came from Pune.. We had an epic pre wedding partay chez moi, where a not so sober Ashwin Maplae wanted some egg biryani at a random 2 am. And believe or not, we did not disappoint him.. Topsee was TOP class! We had the time of our lives!! I truly love ma familia!
The reception and the wedding of course went by in a jiffy and before we knew it, everybody was ready to head home, back to their respective lives. How I hate that phase. Sigh.

Work has been ok ok. Just the usual mundane stuff. Nothing too exciting. But nothing to complain about either(thankfully). We had a fun event at work titled Ethnicity at Q Way where we got different teams to represent various States across India. How we laughed and cheered.. a good stress buster indeed!

What am I looking forward to next? My MIL's 60th birthday bash, which is just around the corner. K and I have decided to go "all the way" and invite lots of people and make it an event for her to remember. Fingers crossed that everything goes on smoothly :) I'm currently listening to Aashiqui 2 songs and I don't think I'll ever ever get bored of this album.. Totally in love with most of the songs!