Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Burberry's new fragrance!

K and I went shopping this weekend. Well actually he wanted to buy some shoes, perfume etc. I just tagged along. And needless to say I got distracted when I reached the perfume section. I was off in a jiffy to try out some new fragrance.. And then I came across this one.. Burberry Body. My next buy for sure! Try it.. I assure you will love it! :-)

Friday, July 27, 2012

A feel good factor

I recently started dance classes at a nearby gym. More from a workout perspective rather than actually learning to jive. The first couple of classes were quite normal.. as in I would go, do the warm up exercises, learn the moves and get back home. The crowd was ok, I really didn't feel like making conversation with any of those people. During my 3rd or 4th class, I was casually chatting with my instructor who is one of those "super shy guy types". The dance masters that I have met  are usually strict and speak only in English, hence whenever I speak to this guy, I would converse in English. During this particular conversation, I happened to say something in Tamil and he looked at me in real shock. So when I quizzed him on his horrified look, he said he thought "I was a North Indian, from Madhya Pradesh". Dude. Wtf. Clearly, this was a shocker for me too. Coz anyone that's seen me would never agree to this. I look every bit South Indian as far as I'm concerned. So I just smile and say "Ille Sir, I'm very much from Chennai only". And then we continue talking.  And then as most dance instructors do, he also tends to extend class beyond the one hour time frame and I start getting restless because I have to get back home and feed the poor hubby. So one such class, I put my foot down and told him "I'm sorry I need to get going 'coz I have a starving husband at home whom I need to feed".
What's the point of this entire nonsensical post -- Read on...
When I walk into my next class, he calls me and says " You know you don't look married at all!! The entire class agreed! I thought you were a 3rd year engineering student. You look so young". 

Whoop! Whoop! Point made. Off u go now. Sorry to have wasted your time.. But I'm singin' "I feel good"..