Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wedding blog!

Yup now its not just one but TWO blogs I need to keep up with. Very proud to say I finally managed to set up our wedding blog - it'll just be stuff about us, our families, events that lead to D-day, pictures and all the hype that surrounds this big event of our lives! Check it out if u can - after all if you have the time to keep up with the Drama Queen, no doubt you'd be pretty "vetti"(jobless!) enough to follow the wedding fun! :P
I've gotta warn u though - its just been set up so the final look may not be there yet, we haven't shared the link yet coz we wanted to update it with a basic few posts but go ahead anyway... it should be fun!

Enjoy mes amis!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100th post and u go... DROOOLLLLLL!!!

Blogger informed me this is my 100th post! Wowiee. To spice it up a bit, I've decided to jot down the 'Top 10 Cuties at the ICC World Cup 2011"!! Howzzat? :))
#10 - At the bottom most, would be Brendon McCullum - I find his name itself incredibly cute! :)
#9 - Shahid Afridi - He's been around since my school days, probably one of my longest crushes. He's still super cute looking and hasn't aged one bit! Muah.
#8 - Kevin O'Brien - Before u go "Huh", let me explain. Kevin is the guy from Ireland that helped them beat England few days ago and he's kinda cute, which explains why he's figured in my elite list of cuties. I think there's something incredibly cute about Irish men, their accent perhaps? :)
#7 - Daniel Vettori - Ah! The Kiwi captain who makes a statement wearing specs! His curly hair is an added advantage! Good luck to u and ur team!
#6 - Virat Kohli - Now I can see lots of girls going gaga. The Indian team's current heartthrob and of course he will find a place in my top 10! Virat is special coz he can play well too and has been in good form. All the more reason to cheer him on! Go Virat!!

#5 - Shane Watson - So now u also get to drool a bit over ur screens, the top 5 dudes are special indeed and they get the privilege of being posted in my blog! ;-) This Aussie bowler is one of my recent faves and has a cute smile :-))

#4 - James Anderson - So I got this brilliant idea for this post when I watched James in action live on Sunday! My cousin and I were drooling away when this lad came to bowl! He's amazingly cute, no doubt. We love u James! :)

# 3- Brett Lee - He's known world over for his cute smile and 'nuff said! No need for any further explanations. Brett is HOT! And will of course find a place in my top 3! :)

# 2- This one was a tough tough decision. But yes deep down I know this is the right choice I've made. At the number 2 spot is our very own charismatic and dashing captain, M.S Dhoni! - There's something incredibly charming about him. Dunno how to quite explain it. He's done very well as our captain so far and here's hoping he wins the cup for us. Of course I'm a little partial to him since he's also CSK's captain! :P We love you MSD! 

# 1 - No prizes for guessing who its gonna be. My eternal favorite. India's favorite sportsperson. God of cricket. SACHIN! - I've been a Sachin fan for God knows how long! I think he was the first cricketer I knew. Grew up watching Sachin thrash all bowlers. Amazing person. I am still amazed as to how he has survived so many years without being involved in any sort of controversies. He's almost 38 but just look at his pic..he doesn't look a day older than 25!! CUTIEPIE! Going to Dollars and Pounds today. Hoping to pick up a #10 jersey.. That would be fantastic!!! Will put up pics if I manage to do that. Here's to my number 1 cutiepie of this World Cup! Good luck Sachinnnn!!!!! :))

Ok now that I'm done with my top ten, I also wanted to let u guys I'm meeting a good good friend back from the US today after a year!Super duper excited! Pics might follow. If we remember to take any, that is. Later guys! Ciao!