Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mum Withdrawals!

Dunno why but I miss Amma so much tonight. I'm all down and depressed and wished she were around to get me up and goin. Waiting to see you and spend some quality time with you ma.  :-( :-(

Monday, April 25, 2011

Men! :-(

Situation : K and I taking a stroll in a busy busy road in the evening. An i10 zooms past us and stops at the signal. There's a couple inside - the lady is holding up a really really cute and chubby baby boy who is all smiles looking at me :)

Me(forcing K to look at the kiddo) : He's cho chweet! So adorable!
No response from his end. 10 seconds later...

K: Yea. She's damn cute.. the momma :P
Me (thinking) !?!?! MEN! Or should I specifically say.. GEMINI MEN! :-(

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warning: Dramatic, weird and pissed off mood

Birthday came and went. Wait a second. Drama Queen never announces her birthday this way! That pretty much sums up how I feel post my birthday this year. It was probably my first ever birthday where some of my best friends(at least whom I thought were my best friends) didn't even bother wishing me - not even on facebook. What was so pissing off was the fact that all of them chose to do it on a single birthday - I completely understand u get busy, u fall sick, u have babies and u forget, but to realize that each and every one of them do it at the same day is a little hard to digest.I had a couple of people who always wish me on the 22nd and didn't this time but at least called back in a day to apologize profusely and to wish me.  I have never missed wishing my close friends on their birthdays - every single time. Heck, I even take the effort sometimes to wish some real "not-too-friendly" types on facebook coz u know what, its after all their birthday. It takes two seconds to type it on my phone and wish them. Birthdays are meant to happy, joyful and fun. Thats it. I tell you, I had some real unexpected people wishing me and that made me so happy. I had new people this year who wished me and I was really excited. But its scary to think that the very people whom you were close to forget to wish.  I mean I thought I was close to them. Maybe not. I dunno. And its scaring me to no extent. I don't want to lose them in my life.It made me sad and so depressed. I ranted and ranted and poor K had to bear the brunt of it. I have some real close friends whose friendship I value lots and I want to cherish it for life. Its funny coz some people u take for granted. I was like "yea so they'll definitely call" - and I waited and waited and waited. But they never called. To all those who took the effort to call, a big shout out to u guys. Despite being far far away.. Mumbai, Bangalore, the US of A....thanks u guys, it meant a lot to me. To those who didn't, dont u worry, I'll still be around to wish you guys when your days come around. After all thats what friends are for u sillies.
Special thanks to K - fancy dinner, DKNY watch, lovely lovely roses.. what more can a girl ask for? Thanks a ton:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doctor Amma to TN's Amma

First of all, I must mention a very important person in my blog - Congratulations to Dr. Sneha Shankar!!! :))
If you've noticed way back in August, I was a depressed soul ranting about her exam result. Today I wanna use this space and tell my lil' sissy I'm extremely proud of her achievement and I wanna wish her the very best in life! Good luck Sne and do my root canals and fillings free of cost!!! :))
On another note, election fever has been gripping the country. It has always been a tough contest between Kalaignar and Amma in Tamil Nadu and this year too the campaigning has been fierce.Today is election day and I went to vote. Its not my first time. I knew who I wanted to vote for - as usual I didn't vote for any major party and decided to vote for an independent candidate who has impressed me greatly by promising a "clean Anna Nagar"! Stop laughing!!! He's educated and I'm glad I was not a loser like my parents to vote a corrupt person or these days a corrupt family to power!!! I was also trying to influence K to vote for another educated person in Velachery but he of course had other plans. Pah. These people dont wanna listen to me at all. The symbols for the various parties were quite hilarious - from rings to fans to cricket bats to slates to light bulbs! :P  What impressed me was there were a lot of young people who'd come to vote. Although most of them didn't even know the candidates, still it was encouraging to see them come out and vote on this hot sunny day. The whole process was pretty easy - no problems with my voter id or long queues. Glad I voted, I'm a good good citizen! Did u guys vote today? If not, GO VOTE my people.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Posting for the heck of it.

I've missed writing/ranting in here. All I've written about off late is mostly about cricket. What to do? Post WC, the IPL fever has started. And yes. I've fallen so sick that the parents have forbidden me from going to the stadium to watch any of the CSK matches coz they're convinced that I'm croaking only because I screamed so much during the World Cup matches. So no more cricket for a while.
K and I have been busy house hunting these few months and I'm very proud to say we're gonna be renting a cute cozy little place in Thiruvanmyur. I never ever ever imagined I'd settle in that area. Met the house owners - very nice mama and chatty mami! :P I really like the place though -  It's a new apartment, cute, not too big, just right I'd say. We've started doing it up - bed, AC, we're picking curtains from Fab India, linen from Home Center or At Home(I dunno yet), oh and so many things going on!! Very exciting! :-) K is doing the house warming on the 22nd April(eeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)) and we're planning to start setting it up before we move in post the wedding. The next time I'm there I'll take a few pics and put it all up. Wedding shopping has started. Sarees are being bought for like 500 people I think. Mum insists on buying for every single guest. Dad is helplessly swiping the credit card(s!). Wedding invitation design is picked - there's a lot of debate going on about the font, wording and all. We've started getting reponses from folks out of town and lots of people have confirmed they're coming especially since its a weekend! K and I went over to Maxi Chitti's for drinks/dinner last week. We had a good time. Ashwin is back in Hyderabad for his course at ISB - good luck brother! My post if u notice is very random this time - too many things going on I'd say and I'm just way too excited! Hope this sickness goes away. BLAH.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Congratulations boys!! You've made the entire nation proud! It was such a great moment for billions of us who were praying so hard for you, who bled blue for you! But most importantly, you guys won the Cup for one man: Sachin Tendulkar, God of cricket. He deserved this more than anyone else. He has come a full circle and I'm sure He(Remember he's God, therefore the capital!) couldn't ask for more. GOOD JOB DHONI and BOYS! :-)