Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Festival Time!

Come September and its festivals galore in India - Id, Ganesh Chathurthi, Onam, Kolu and what not!
Its our first Ganesh Puja at home tomorrow and I'm really excited! The Ganapati in my house has ordered that I make Kozhakattais for him. Iyyo. It sounds tres complicated but I've promised to give it a shot!
Will try and put some pictures of my lovely Ganesha!

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi everyone! =)

Friday, August 26, 2011


I have some real happy happy news that I'm dying to share with everyone but I'm supposed to be hush hush about it for sometime!! :( So I came straight here and I'm saying - Congratulations!!!!! Will post in detail soon =) 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Word - Bliss!

I'm back after a much needed, highly rejuvenating, extremely fun-tastic road trip with my hubby!
Location : Chennai --> Pondy --> Gangaikondacholapuram(henceforth referred to as GCK)-->Kumbakonam-->Thanjavur--> Pondy--> Chennai!
We left at 5 am on Saturday morning(both of us shot out of beds like bunnies, it was so cute!). We headed straight to Pondy - the drive was beautiful and we had some lovely music playing in the background as well. Orey the romance only! :P
We were there around 7ish, gobbled down some breakfast and hit the road again. We reached GCK around 11:30 - For my ignorant friends, GCK has the replica of the "Big Temple" at Thanjavur and it is now a world heritage monument. The temple was beautiful - it was huge, clean, quiet and had some brillant architecture. We walked around in the heat, K was busy taking his snaps, he didn't even come into the temple - I was on my own, I climbed the walls, monkeyed around like a little kid, K caught me on camera as well! :P
It was time to move onto the next location - Kumbakonam. I've never been to this place as well and for some weird reason I've always thought it was a place full of Brahmin priests and only temples. So quite naturally I was shocked to find a whole bunch of Muslims and mosques!! No kidding! All said and done, Kumbi(as I affectionately refer to it post our trip) was simply superb! It was full of pretty looking temples, the people were extremely welcoming and hospitable, the food was outta this world, the weather was just perfect! We checked into our hotel around 2ish, had lunch and rested a bit - We then set out to a nearby place called "Dharasuram" - again a small temple, with nice architecture and a beautiful garden surrounding it. I posed, K clicked pictures and we had a blast! The next destination was "Swamimalai", a small beautiful temple on the banks of the Kaveri, in a small hill. Was a very pretty place. It was a temple dedicated to Murugan and we had to do some small puja in there per my FIL's orders. We then headed back to the hotel and took a small walk by the temple tank - was very peaceful.
Next day, we woke up late, ate a lazy breakfast and decided to set out to a proper temple whereby we had to do a proper puja again per FIL's orders. It was crowded and hot and both K and I were pissed off! lol. We ran outta there as soon as we could, came back to the hotel and lazed around. The plan for the evening was to drive to Thanjavur. The drive to Thanjavur from Kumbi was real fun - the road was curvy and it was great fun especially at times when K would zip across the road like we owned it! One thing I realized this trip was that K was a brillant driver - I was so proud of the way he drove, very responsible, very safe even when he was doing a 140! Those who came in his way at the wrong time couldn't get away easily! He would hunt them down  it was lots of fun sitting next to him! Drama King, I'd say! :P
We reached Thanjavur around 5ish - I just gaped with my mouth wide open - the Big Temple was BIG! It was HUGE! And so BEAUTIFUL! K has some amazing pictures - will post them once he works on it -but seriously though, I felt stupid for not having seen such a beautiful monument before this. A must see for all Indians, I'd say. Again a world heritage monument, it was similar to the temple at GCK - except that it was bigger, noisier, dirtier and had hordes of people! I still liked this one better unlike K. The sun was slowly setting and it presented a very pretty picture - Again, K clicked his snaps, I walked and walked and walked, he gave me some gyan about the temple, showed me interesting sights to see etc etc. Good fun!
Before I knew it, it was getting darker and it was time to go :-( He drove me to a spot in town from where we could get a lovely view of the magnificent temple - Aahh. Very nice :-) We then drove back to Kumbi and I was getting sad that the trip was coming to an end. We ordered in lots of food, watched some TV, relaxed and were in delirium :-) Left to Pondy next day around 11ish after breakfast, snacked at Rendezvous in Pondy, it was nice to go back there after a long time, the place was still quite nice and we promised to go back there sometime for a weekend! We drove by the beach and headed back to Chennai. Waahh! It wasn't enough. Like any other trip, I hated going back, thinking of all the work there is to be done, thinking of going to work the next day.. Waaahh! I hated it!
Small things that made me very happy in this trip --
--Watching the Kaveri river up close especially during sunsets - was tres jolie! There was so much water in there, I am thinking what the hell are people complaining about!
-- The lovely winding roads on our drive - I must say I'm impressed. I thought the roads would be terrible, but I was soo wrong. Most places it was a pleasure driving aka zipping across!
-- Nice weather - Pretty decent for this time of year I'd say!
--  Sitting as close as possible to K in the gypsy for more than 9 hours each day,  - Blissful. I've been dying to do a road trip with him and it finally happened! Couldn't have asked for anything more :-)
-- Getting to pose for pictures - Yep. I'm still quite shameless about it ;-)
-- Driving the gypsy! Yaayy! Even if it was for about 30 minutes, I still did it! Thanks K! :)
Things I didn't like
-- I couldn't find my own camera, I love to take pics when I'm in the car and I felt so bad I couldn't find it!
-- Coming back to Chennai, I didn't wanna.... I wanted to stay on there, just like how it was just the two of us together always, no parents, no in laws, no cooking, no cleaning, no squabbling, no arguing, no working... no nothing!
I'm already planning our next trip, but looks like it will be a while before the next one though :-(
Pictures from this trip will follow soon, all depends on K!
Thank you K for planning this entire thing out so well, you're the bestest, I couldn't have asked for anything more! Muah! =) 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Couldn't do without these...

I know this is rare - I don't usually log in within a few hours to update BUT I wanted to! So here I am again, this time in a much much much better and improved mood :)
Made a list of things I'm extremely thankful for -
1. My family - Don't have to say anything about you guys - I am what I am today only because of you sillies! Love you all. U are awesome!
2. My in laws - Duh. They are part of family now but they deserve a special mention - No they don't have the slightest clue about this blog space so I'm definitely not sucking up to them through this - but no, they are such wonderful guys! We share a great rapport - they are so so supportive it is quite unbelievable! :)
3. My job - Lovin' every moment of it! The people I meet, the feedback I've been receiving on my training has been pretty darned awesome!, my lovely boss - she's super sweet!, the people I work with are nice too - so it's all good at the moment, touche! :P
4. Our beautiful home - Gawd. The lovely orange curtains in our living room, the blue green colors of our bedroom, the nice pricey furniture from Home Center, all modern appliances we got, the swanky flat screen TV, home theatre system, computer - gosh I could go on and on about our home. I love it! It's not too big, not too small - just perfect I'd say :) Very thankful for our lovely cozy apartment!
5. Friends - M, who advises me on pretty much everything, S who makes me laugh and all my other wonderful pals abroad and here.... u guys keep me going, Drama Queen appreciates all that u do! :)
6. And last but definitely NOT the least - My awesome, loving husband - I don't know what I'd be without you. I've realized over the past few days where we've been dealing with so many things, I felt you were so distant from me and that you were going far away from me(for some strange stupid reason - I think I was wayyy too hormonal) - I couldn't deal with it. I wanted to be close to you. I needed you. Hated being so far and distant from you. Craved some nice bear hugs and kisses. I have realized that its pretty simple - I cannot be the person I am without you - you complete me :) So so sooooo thankful that you've come into my life - Love you sweets! :)

So, we are going on our first road trip this long weekend and I simply cannot wait to get away from all this - looking forward to tomorrow morning 5 am when we set off - Let the fun BEGIN! =) 

LOL :)

Lakshmi Puja at Kgeyes Hyacinth was a big JOKE! :-) 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I need to get a life. Seriously. These past few days have been pretty bad - I'm trying to let go but it comes back to haunt me. K says to me this morning on our way to work "You are going crazy and you are driving me nuts" I'm scared he is not going to put up with my crap anymore! I've become extremely clingy - I was always possessive but I think I'm outta control right now. Its PATHETIC! :-( SOS! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One more time I hear the word "BIKE" I will shoot someone. I swear. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bravo K!

Sometimes the way people talk can be extremely deceiving. When I first talked to K, I assumed he was a natural talker. And I'm talking public speaking here. The way he'd talk to me, his attitude all that made me believe he would be extremely comfortable addressing a crowd. This morning was a bit crazy - both of us had presentations to make at work(Read : Important ones!) and I as usual was going a bit mad - not nervous but just anxious to ensure everything was going to be fine at the event. In the car, on our way to work, K told me he has a presentation to make today that too a major one and I was like "Wow, he never breathed a word of it to me" and he also admitted he was "a bit nervous". It took me by surprise because to me someone like K can engage a crowd very easily - the way he yaps, his command over the language etc. But I guess he's different from what I thought he was - I guess everyday I learn something new about my husband :-)
The reason for this post is to let him know how proud I am of him doing awesomely well in his presentation!!! Apparently his boss congratulated him and there was applause from all the big shots! Super duper proud of you, love!

PS I think he reads my blog and I'm hoping he's super happy and wants to take me out someplace awesome this weekend! Hint Hint! :P 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daddy's Girl :)

A girl may not be the queen to her boyfriend or husband, but she will always be a princess to her DAD, which is why they say a girl's DAD will remain 'THE MAN' in her life forever! 

What an awesome one liner :-) 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Count the Aishus" :P

My inbox is full of emails from family, friends, loved ones and I've treasured many such mails over the years - was digging up something today and this is what I found! Priceless! When I was studying in the US, I had this taped on my wall :-) An email from my darling Chachu, who was about 4 when he typed this up and sent in 2007. 
Wanna see him this instant! :( Love you! 

hi aishu where are you.  aishu i love you. aishu buy  a plane for me. aishu dont buy anything for devi. aishu can you come here.aishu whisky ( my dog in kerala) is very naughty.aishu can you come for my birthday. aishu my mama got married to sreela ammayi.aisuh buy dirty juice for acha.aishu yesterday my amma made pizza.aishu in december is my birthday. aishu there you have a computer.aishu devi full time seeing TV.aishu devi is very naughty nowadays.aishu did you see neopets. aishu devi will get up in the morning and will tell can i see tv can i see tv.aishu aishu you got any pets over there.aishu aishu there you got any friends. aishu is it nice and cold over there.aishu you got any chocolates over there for me.aishu aishu is it bright over there. aishu is it fun over there.aishu is there big big dogs over there aishu.aishu there you buy one robot for me.aishu shin chan is very finny. aishu in your house pooja was there ok.vishal came and he took my power ranger gun and took  home.aishu,ha, you know in kerala nice breeze and thunder came and scared my dog. aishu that dog is very naughty. you know my dog bit me one day and was running and catching me.and that came up and i was jumping jumping jumping jumping.aishu for your house pooja we put rose flower everywhere and i was also helping anu aunty. sekhar uncle told he love crackers.aishu you know my sister ,she is seeing hanna montana and all the dirty things.aishu you love your dad or your mom. aishu you know my friend gireesh, he is very small.aishu you know tom and jerry, tom and jerry is very very know aishu tome and jerry you have too everyday. you got mosquito bat over there aishu.aishu you know devi is a naughty know my sister everytime do computer or tv.aishu you know roshitha gone to calcutta. aishu you know my van friends are naughtier than the van driver.aishu you know know my sister is the naughtiest girl in the whole world. aishu my friend gireesh got a big car like my car same height in his house.