Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saying bye to my home of 3 yrs!!

I was taking a walk with a good friend of mine last night and we were reminscing about our 3 years in Springfield as grad students!! All I can say is that I've had a fantastic time here - Springfield has taught me to lead a life on my own, got my first ever job, my first ever pay check. Being a grad student sucked in its own way but I've definitely had my share of fun here. I think Springfield has a certain charm that a lot of bigger cities may/may not have. I truly hate moving from here. I've done my share of being grumpy this week. I hate saying bye to the people I love....I went out for lunch/dinner with all my favorite people this week and each time I felt that pain of separation. Of course, the good thing is that I'm going to be only a few hours away from all these people - I hate to say this..but it feels like I'm leaving home all over again... I have the same feeling that I had when I left India three years ago... Same mixed emotions of excitement, apprehension, nervousness, new found freedom(coz I'm gonna be living all by myself!!), and a host of other emotions I cant even pen down!
Here's to "Springfield mania" - walks at the Jordan Valley Park, midnight curly fry snacks at Hardees on Elm St, Cashew Chicken at Dragon Inn, shopping @ the Battlefield Mall, Wal Mart trips to S.Campbell, living a grand life on the 17th floor in Sunvilla Towers, being a poor grad student, ISA meetings/fights/politics(!), dancing and partying it up at Icon(yup..thats where it started) and Zan, to our own dance parties, movies at the Hollywood Theatre, host families, long drives to Branson, Banquets and more dancing, after parties, sneaking into the pool after hours and getting away with it and burning the midnight oil as a grad student!!
Cheers to you Springfield --- Dang, I will miss this place :(