Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This, that or BOTH?!?!?

Living so close to a mall is never a good thing! More so if you don't have room mates to watch movies with or if u work crazy hours and just want to go someplace to destress!! The Zona Rosa Mall close to ma home(1.5 miles to be exact!) is the place I chill at! This weekend I made up my mind to splurge on some goood perfume. I'm derilously in love with these two at the moment! Gonna be real tough to decide between the two! :) HELP!!


Sindhu Viswanathan said...

Aishoooo... u won't believe it! I was reading ur posts and saw this one now... I have the CK one... its awesome... bought it when I was going to India for the wedding... :o)

Aishoooo said...

OMG!! Sindhuu! Welcome to blogosphere! :) Im telling you.. its fun! and yes, its awesome! I finally got the CK:)

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