Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two months and still going strong!

My paparazzi update for the month: "M" is getting married!!! You know we've been besties since high school. The last person who I thought would have an "arranged marriage" would be her. I was surprised(pleasant, I promise). She is moving to Singapore for good. Hey at least that's still closer home! But I am really really thrilled for her. After all the crap she went throught(ya I know half of those were brought onto herself!) but she does deserve someone nice. He is supposed to be eye candy as well! ;) Ummm.. I better not say anything until I actually see pics.. =)
Anyway, I cannot believe it has been more than two months since I moved here! I've just been swamped with work especially since I work a lot of evenings and weekends!! I get a day off during the week(I might as well not get it!). This week though after a loonggg time I am off two days in a row and of course I am making a trip to S-town. I just HAVE to! I figured it would do me some good to see familiar faces instead of being stuck by myself. But I do loveee my job! I am soo glad that I chose HR. Imagine, I get to make or break a person's career. I love it when people call me and follow up a thousand times on their application and resume. I love it when people are so respectful and try to be on their best behavior when I call them on the phone to come in for an interview. I love it when they show up all nervous for an interview and look at me like I'm Frankenstein! I just love all the hype they give me. I feel powerful! :P
Hmmm..what else? Oh ya, I became a member of the KC library and I'm super glad I did! They have a great collection of fiction, mags, DVD's and the likes. I just got a nice haul this week... I dont know why but each time I read the Kite Runner, I cry myself hoarse!! I mean its such a beautiful book, so beautifully written!! Oh and I was skimming through the kids section(looking for HP you know!) and they were out of them(but of course!). So anyway, I had a sudden urge to read an Enid Blyton or Roald Dahl and couldn't find either of them. When I asked a lady that worked there, she blanked out completely. 1. She had no idea who either of them were. 2. She was irritating me by having me spell their names(for some reason she was convinced I was asking for "Anna Burton"!) After 20 min I gave up! I felt she was insulting them!! I mean, really woman? Jeez, my 3 year old cousin knows how to spell Enid Blyton. God save this country!! :P