Monday, December 7, 2009

Tick Tock.. the clock is ticking away!

When I first came to the US, I vowed to myself I was going back in exactly a year and a half! Yes, I just came here to study, have fun, learn something new, party it up and go back home!! And then I realized life was good here..I studied hard, partied harder, interned, worked, bought my first car.. It was all too good to be true! I've been dilly dallying about this for a long time now and I finally made the decision. I'm going back home! Sounds strange to me.. I mean, sure I'm excited and everything.. After all, I'm going back to where I lived for over 21 years! How could I even have second thoughts about it right?It has been very very hard making this decision.. I know I tried my real best, I gave it my everything. I know I did! It's just hard times here for everyone.. Hopefully, I've made the right choice.. After all, nothing can be too bad when you have someone cooking, cleaning and taking care of you right? :P The familia is super duper excited and cant sit still for a moment now! Gosh, how typical of my parents!! They definitely havent made this any easier for me.. There has been a lot of pressure from their side.. No, not for me to come back home but just to make a decision! And that was my exact problem.. I did not know what I wanted!! I havent been home in over two years and I really needed to be home this winter... Somehow, it seemed like a fish without water! That is how close I am to them!! I made this decision for a number of reasons... I'm only hoping things go smoothly once I go back. I feel like I need a break from this craziness.. Things have been happening too fast this last few months and I feel like I have lost complete control over my life for some reason. Car, Cell phone, utilities, insurance, car loans, apartment lease, work place pressure, family pressure, my friends from back home(who keep asking when I'm coming back).. no things have been rough this year end.. Hopefully, things slow down once I go back...For now, I just want to take one day at a time, if that is not too much to ask for! One thing's for sure.. Salvation Army is going to have a very Merry Christmas!There is so much to give away.. Gosh, when I think of all that packing that needs to be done, my heads spins!! And then there is my new shopping list.. things to be taken back to India! Sometimes, I think I am so messed up.. I mean do I ever get tired of shopping?!? Am I the Indian Rebecca Bloomwood? :( I cannot believe in two weeks at this time I will be sitting in my own cozy room....and that thought does make me smile! Question is where do I go from there? Only time can tell.....14 days to go!!