Friday, April 2, 2010

CSK.. CSK.. CSK!!!!

 I watched the Chennai Super Kings live in action at Chepauk two nights back and it was just KICK ASS! I'm so glad I chose to go and I had the time of my life!! I've always loved cricket and I have always loved watching live action in the stadium! This time around, I was not even sure if I was going to enjoy it. But I was soooo wrong! First off, I had to shop at 6 different stores to find a yellow top(ya ya.. I wished they had a better team color) and I hate yellow! But I finally managed to lay my hands on one.. and then of course on our way to the stadium we had to stop and get flags to wave, whistles to blow and all that blah.. Bangalore had decided to bat first and they lost a wicket in the very first over, just 10 minutes after we settled into our seats. From then on, there was no sitting down! There was jazzy Tamil "kuthu" songs being played in the highest decibel, Sivamani's drum beats and not to mention all the noise we created! Our team was desperate for a win.. A loss meant the end of IPL 3 for them! So they needed all the support from the home ground and boy, we were LOUD! Especially when we had to bat.. Our opener Murali Vijay was mindblowing.. He hit six 6's and was super quick!! We loved his innings.. and he certainly had the entire crowd rooting him, with him being local boy and everything!! And of course, in typical CSK fashion, they took the match to the very last over and needed some 10 runs off the last 6 balls and we all thought it was going to be impossible. But all thanks to our darling Raina! He smashed a 6 off the last ball in the penultimate over and it was a no-ball, which meant a FREE HIT!!! WOHOO!!! The crowd went beserk! I dont really remember, but I think at this point, I was standing ON my chair and jumping! And of course we won in the last over, with 4 balls to spare!! Thats CSK for you.... in your face! =) I've not felt this good in a long, long time and again, I'm just glad I chose to go for the match.. Can't wait to do this again! Pics in Shan's phone.. Will follow shortly!! Happy April, my favorite month is here!!!!!! =)