Monday, September 6, 2010

Yummy Mummy!

Most of my friends(school/college/grad school) are married and have kids. And one constant complaint I keep hearing(from the hubbies, that is!) is that their darling ladies put on too much weight especially post pregnancy! I try telling them that is next to impossible to be skinny - I mean you are getting a living being out of your womb, for Christ's sake.  But I solemnly swear in this post that I will be a "YUMMY MUMMY" :P Heard of this term before? Well, Urban Dictionary defines it as "A mother who is interested in looking after herself as well as her family while taking pride in her appearance. She doesn't have to be gorgeous just a little interested in being mildly fabulous!" Haha. Sounds super cute, right? I'm just very kicked by the term! Yummy Mummy! Gosh, I could just keep saying it. =)