Monday, November 5, 2012


Yesterday was a doubly happy day for me. I heard some good news from my bestie that made my heart happy in the morning. I can't reveal too many details in here until everything's official, however I'm elated. The day got better when I heard another piece of very surprising yet happy news from someone in the family. Again, I'm sorry but can't reveal what/when/who. You're probably thinking then why the hell blog about it. But like I said, I was happy. Like tears coming out of my eyes kinda happy. Delighted. Surprised. Thankful. I smiled a lot. I  heart my family and friends. The cherry on the cake was of course watching and listening to ARR on Mtv Unplugged. I heard "Nenjukulle" for the first time. Aaah... ARR + Mani Ratnam combo. Sigh. Was lovely. The rendition was so beautiful. Bliss!
Happy listening guys -