Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pune Trip - March 2013!

Barely 7 months after my sister got married, we decided to barge into her house in Pune. K and I headed to Pune for the Good Friday long weekend. We took the last flight out of Chennai and landed in Pune around 11 pm. Gave Sne the tightest hug possible when I saw her :) D drove us straight to "Fantasy" where we ordered chilled, thick milkshakes that tasted right out of this world. I say we made a great start to our trip. We headed to their apartment in the Baner area. They live in a beautiful high rise building right on top on the 8th floor. The balcony offered a fantastic view. I loved to sit and relax there. Once we settled in, another suprise awaited us - Sne had made lovely Gulab Jamuns to welcome us. So incredibly sweet - both Sne & the GJ's! Slurrp.
Once we had popped a few in our mouths, we were tired. We crashed and this time had ensured my alarm was OFF. Wohoo. 
Next morning I woke up to find my hubby gone on an early morning walk(He's mad, don't ask). Sne & I cleaned up the kitchen, made dosas and sambar, had yummy coffee by which time K was back from his walk and poor D had been woken up from a deep slumber. Sne had to head to clinic, D said he had taken the day off for our sake(so sweet) so the 3 of us decided to hang out at home. Which meant the boys were just going to be perched on a mattress each while I just sat around and stared. Yes, poor me. Sne finally came home around 2:30 pm by which time we were all starving and enjoyed her lunch of rice, sambar, potato curry and of course GJ's(I tell you, it was the highlight of our trip, they were delicious). Post lunch, we decided to watch the movie "Nadula Konjam Pakatha Kanam", a hilarious comedy movie which K & I had already watched at home but didn't mind watching again. The 4 of us kept laughing, if you haven't watched the film, do go watch it. Worth all the time & effort! In the evening, Sne had to go back to clinic for a few hours and I refused to rot at home. So I encouraged D to take me out for a walk - He finally agreed. We walked around the apartment complex, watched loads of kids playing, aunties walking(trying to rather!) and headed to an old Vishnu temple. We talked about his work, about Sne and how he was enjoying being married to her. Touche! We finally reached the temple, was a very nice one. In the evening, we went to a restaurant called "Polka Dots" where we enjoyed delicious lasagna, hummus with garlic naan(a Pune thing perhaps?) and chilled iced tea. 
Day 2 got off to a slightly different start. K, being a total sweetheart, walked many kilometres to bring us back Poha for breakfast(Poha being their State food!) along with a fresh tea cake :) What pleasure it was to sit out on the balcony, sunning myself, gorging on that tea cake. Bliss. We had decided to do a spot of shopping in the afternoon so headed to buy wafers from the famous Budhani Brothers waferwala, K showed me Kayani Bakery, we went to Lakshmi Road.. Basically K took me down a trip to memorylane(He was born in Pune, that's why). We also visited the famous Dagdusheth Ganapati temple - the mouse outside the temple where it looks at the deity was absolutely adorable!! Too cute for words :) 
In the evening, we ate at a fancy restaurant called "Oakwood Lounge", buffet style dinner. Salads, fondue, tikkas and the likes. 
Day 3 was going to be action packed. We ate breakfast at Goodluck Cafe, which in my opinion was a fabulous fabulous breakfast! Simple buns, butter and jam, bun maska, omlette etc. So satisfying and different. We were driving to Lavasa that afternoon which takes about 2 hours. The place was wonderfully scenic. We reached around 2 pm and were starving. Drove straight to the Fortune to eat. Which turned out to be an unfortunate choice - here's my tripadvisor rating on it. However, what followed was a full on "funny photos" session courtesy my hubby! Here's a sneak peak :) Hope you enjoy them. We had the time of our lives! Thanks Sne & D for being such superb hosts!! =)

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