Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Girls just wanna have fun!

The summer heat is merciless. Chennai has no respite whatsoever from the heat. What better way to beat the heat than a getaway with best friends to a farmhouse filled with greenery, a swimming pool, 2 great kids and some bitchy times? That's right. This past weekend I had a fun day out with my besties, Shan and Mosh at Shan's farmhouse on the outskirts of Chennai. The 3 of us had been going back and forth on a date that would be convenient for the 3 of us. Believe me, it was tough. We had to pick a day when our respective hubbies wouldn't fuss(as if?!) or a day when Shan's kid didn't have a class which he couldn't miss or a day when we hadn't promised the in laws we would come see them or a day when we didn't have to worry about maids, carpenters or electricians coming to fix something at home. Sigh. Fortunately, that day did arrive. Wohoo! We decided to leave home as early as possible so that we can spend maximum time together. We reached her farmhouse around 10:30. Here is a picture of the house gleaming in the sunlight.
The pretty house 

Can you spot Rayyan amidst all the greenery?

With 2 young kids around(Rayyan is almost 4 and Rafa is 2) you cannot expect too much silence. Heck, you can't even expect a minute of peace and quiet! They were so excited to be there and wanted to go around and play with the farm animals. Lets see..I saw ducks and fishes in the pond, hens, cocks, chicks, turkeys and  some emus! Yes. No wonder then that the kids wanted to go out and play with the caretaker's kids and the animals. Next on the agenda was "pool time"! I know I know. I cannot swim to save my life but I liked the idea of relaxing in the cool water. That was fun. Rayyan thoroughly enjoyed himself in the kids pool. Look at him

 Rafa is also a complete water baby like her mom! She loved being in the pool. I carried her for the most part while Shan and Mosh had a swimming race! Was good fun cheering them on. We were playing in the pool for more than 2 hours. 

Post pool time, all of us showered, fed the kids, ate and felt really refreshed. We then plonked on her bed and just kept talking and talking while the kids played with each other. Rafa, of course kept us fully entertained. Mosh and I did the "Jumping Jhapak" song with her which I've taped. Here's a glimpse of the madness that ensued 

Before we knew it was around 4 and then we started talking serious stuff. We talked of life in general - school memories, college fun, work, marriage, in laws, husbands(mostly about what a pain they could be!) and the future.. It felt so good to just sit there and share our innermost fears and wildest dreams. Funniest part is it didn't feel like its been forever since we had done this. It was almost as if we were always together and just began where we left off. Makes sense? We laughed to our hearts content, we made fun of each other, we took crazy pics and of course missed a few other girls who couldn't be there that day.. Basically, we just let go of ourselves completely. Highly recommended girls!! Especially if you're married :D 

Ash, Mosh, Shan

Leaving you with a few words and a picture that describes the 3 of us so beautifully!

In Mosh's lovely words : There's nothing more joyful than knowing that your besties still live just around the corner and that you can meet them whenever... And even the life's worst of situations cant change the madness, laughter and happinesss we bring in eachother's lives. From random chit chat sessions with dominos pizza or jack and jill fried rice at ash's place.. doing whackiest of stuff and gyaan sessions at shahin's place and soulful rambling at my place.. 10 years hence... nothing has changed... freeze.