Monday, November 24, 2014

I've missed this space sorely!!!

I really and truly did! I viewed my stats now and I am shaking my head in shame - 6 posts in the full year? ONLY? Unbelievable!!
Considering how much I love ranting and venting and sharing my life out here, it does come as a surprise to me. It really has been a super busy year.
Work has really taken a strange turn. By strange I mean, I am not really sure how and where it is headed. I still like my job but there is just so much drama going on amongst the top management, that I feel tired being pulled into their arguments and what not. I want to do what is best for my people but unfortunately, it is being viewed very differently. I am constantly under so much stress. Nobody is really sure of what is going on and how long this is going to last. Anyway, I will not bore you about my troubles at work.
What I will instead focus on is something exciting that happened in October. The hubster and I took off on a vacation to the beautiful country of Turkey! It was a really random choice of destination but we totally loved every minute of it! Istanbul is such a vibrant and bustling place. I would totally love to go back and visit, someday. I shall not do justice by merely writing about how beautiful it was. I promise to write a long post on our entire trip with some pictures for you to feast on.
Another exciting event happened on 21st Nov, Friday. We bought home a new family member - A beautiful Volkswagen Vento!! She is a real beauty. I totally loved it the minute I saw it. K saw it at a dealer's place last week and was hooked. The sad part is our lovely Swift baby, which we absolutely loved, had to be given away considering we have no space to park her in our building. Will miss ya!!
But I am so looking forward to some nice getaways in our new car. Welcome home :) I am really and truly happy for K. He has been looking for a car for almost a year now and just couldn't make up his mind. He wanted to upgrade to a Sedan and I couldn't be more thrilled for him!! I am glad all that waiting has paid off :)