Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm still alive!

It has been a terrible few months. Life has been chaotic. Lots of things happening. The more I think of it, I more I start stressing out. Hence I shall let it pass. Blogging here used to help me destress. But I've decided I am not going to dwell on the things that have happened. But you probably guessed it right. Things have been really rocky in the home front. I've had to make a few important decisions. Life changing ones. Work has kept me busy. Too busy for my husband's liking. A lot of folks including my parents who I believe are my biggest strength, feel that I am not balancing work and home. They feel I am being unfair to K. Fair enough. I agree that we've had some miserable fights around it. But will things change if I quit my job? I don't know and I can't say it unless I actually do it I guess. Oh well. Its complicated. 

But. It is September. It is THAT time of year. It is time for that much awaited, much needed break. I've not had a "proper break" since probably May when we took off to Yercaud. I really need to do a post on Yercaud and especially Allepey where K got some fantastic shots! I promise I will put up the pics soon. 

But. coming back to our upcoming holiday... we are eagerly awaiting Saturday morning when we take off. The plan is to fly into Paris, took a quick tour of the Eiffel, take the train(ooh yes!) to Amsterdam, go to Antwerp, and then to Belgium where we will be traveling to Bruges(think Anushka Sharma in PK!), Ghent and of course Brussels! I absolutely cannot wait to take off. I need a break. I really do. I am sincerely hoping and praying we have a good time and more importantly that we don't fight or argue. Sigh. 

I will be back on the 22nd and I promise to spam this space with my not so great pictures, with K's amazing pictures, stories and so much more!! =)