Thursday, October 9, 2008

Homecoming.... Fun times!

Ok, so we are in the midst of our Homecoming celebrations on campus this weekend and it made me reminiscent of something that we did last year…
The Indian students Association(ISA) had registered to participate in the “Homecoming Walking entry Parade” last year.. unfortunately, we were not the least bit prepared for it and it was the night before the parade that all of us started brainstorming over what we wanted to do!
The theme for last year was “Wild with Pride”… pretty catchy, I thought… but we were really unsure over what we wanted to do. We had to walk and “do some steps” in front of the crowds standing in the roads… Finally, a bunch of us got together at my place and started coming up with random, “wild” ideas.. suddenly, a good friend of mine spoke up and said that the perfect thing to do would be the “koothu pattu”… in other words, choose a “local” Tamil song and dance for it!! He went to my laptop and started playing the song in the “highest” volume possible and all of a sudden, there was the “effect”… WE WERE GOING WILD… BALLISTIC, IN FACT!!
It was the best feeling… 20 of us dancing around my house and having the time of our lives… Oh, I could give anything to go back to that night… finally, the girls came up with some steps and made sure that the boys were coordinated! (tough task.. but we were getting there!)
The funny thing was the majority of those dancing and having fun there, did not understand a single word of what was being sung! Yet, they were lovin it!
Ok… so we practice for like 5 times and now we are PURRFECCT! We go out to eat, have fun and come back to get a good night’s sleep. Our parade was at 9am and we had to assemble there by 7am..
We woke up dark and early(it was around 6am) and we started getting ready. We were going to wear our ISA tees(that we had specially desgined for the event) and were getting our faces painted as Tigers(the Indian national animal) and a few others in the Missouri State colors of White and Brown. Oh the house was teeming with people at 6 am and it was super noisy…but all in a fun sorta way! Finally, we assembled there by 7 and ISA sponsored us coffee and donuts!! (ya baby.. it was Krispy Kreme!)… one of the guys was to hold the Indian flag in the centre and we had to dance all around him… I never felt so patriotic before… !
When our turn came, we gathered just in front of the judges and started doing our little dance! The entire crowd was cheering for us… imagine this situation… it was 7am, freezing cold and we are dancing to one of the “most local” songs in the roads outside(my parents had a heartattack!) and not a soul understood the meaning of it! It was funny!!
We got a lot of cheers when we finished and we continued doing it for a long time…
And guess what?? WE WON THE FIRST PLACE!! WE GOT $200 FOR DOING IT! And the reason, we were told, is that we were extremely “coordinated” and we fit the theme to a “T”!! WOW! It was a day that will remain etched in memory!!
Well, this years theme is a bit weird though… no clue as to what we’re doing.. but I will keep you posted!!
PS. For those of you who are wondering, the song was “Vaadi Vaadi” from the movie “Sachin”!