Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trying Times!

Off late, I've been kinda moody, snappy and not in the best of my moods! I'm usually sunny natured... always smiling and having fun... I realized that I am going through some of the most trying times of my life..
It seems so weird that I slogged my @$$ off to get my MBA... slogged my butt off to find an internship... and now I am trying super duper hard to get a freakin' job!!!
Being in the US doesn't help right now I guess.. with all this economy talk.. i've been tellin my cousins they might be better off staying in India or trying newer places in Europe or Aussie land!! US is defo. not the place to be in!! A common quote that I keep hearing from my seniors..
"Apply for at least 20 companies/jobs a day and you might hear back from a couple at the end of 2/3 months".... It takes around 30-40 min to complete a job application online.. and then they have all that EEO/AA stuff to answer.. technical problems.. Now we're talking around 1 hour for each application!! SIGH!
The moment I hate the most.... when I get an email saying " We have reviewed ur application..blah blah blah.. your skills are extremely impressive but we selected another candidate..blah blah blah... YA RIGHT!!
I guess everyone of us go through this phase at some point in life.... It lasts for a month for some and 8 months for a few others.... I only hope I get over this phase.. this horrid, "feeling- low", "no work-means-no-money" phase that I am going thru right now...
I miss my wonderful family so ever-encouraging DADDY, my ever-smiling MOMMY and my wonderful grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts....................Oh I miss them like never before!!
On that note, I dedicate a song to myself : Survivor by Beyonce! :-)