Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vah Vah!!

Bored?? I found this really interesting cooking website on youtube. He is called the "Vah Chef" and he is plain awesome!! I mean, the way he cooks and dramatises the whole thing is hilarious.. Its a riot watching him.. I especially like his "Sambar" recipe.. Do check him out at http://www.vahchef.com/
I shared this with some of my male friends and as expected they ripped him apart! They find him so stupid and fake! Well, I do agree that he has a fake, wannabe American accent... "Welcome to Vah Re Vah DAAT CAAM(dot com)".. "The sambar is so AATHENTIC.. lol.. He is funny to watch!! :-)) However, he makes the entire show lively, does a great job with all his recipes.. and the best thing is he gives small tips in between the show, which I find extremely helpful!
His tagline is to inspire others to cook and I am positive he does a great job living upto it! Whenever I see him cook, I want to try out the recipe.. and that is a BIG DEAL to a lazy bum like me!! Especially cooking!!

Even if you are not gonna cook, watch him to kill time and laugh!! :-)
Bon Appetit!!