Friday, May 15, 2009


I woke up this morning with a "not-so-happy" text message from my Uncle in India. He said that my grandma had a fall and had fractured her hip bone!! I called my Dad immediately and he said that she was going to be fine.. It was just a minor hair line fracture.. I was relieved.
But this got me thinking.. I mean, when I first knew about it, I had this feeling of helplessness.. there was nothing I could do... I love my grandparents from both sides and I still have all four of them alive and kicking.. :-)
Coming back to how I felt... If I was at home, I would have rushed to see her and spent the day entertaining her and making sure she was feeling better and loved.. Sure, my cousins are all back home. But the feeling I had is sort of hard to explain.. It was a feeling of helplessness, misery, and homesickness sort of combined together!! I started thinking to myself if my decision to stay here for a while was a good one... Staying away from home, especially someone sooo attached to family is extremely tough!! In a strange way, I felt guilty about being so far away from her when she needed me.. She has done so much for me in my life and all the money that I eventually earn here will never be able to compensate her love for me!!
Sorry for getting all mushy there... but it got me thinking...
I know that once I get busy with other things, this incident will pass by... but I am just doing what Im best at.."ranting"... :-)
On another note, am leaving to Atlanta and St. Louis this weekend!! U know, I simply CANNOT wait to leave this place.. Am soo bored of being here without taking a break! Could do with some good family time... The folks from home are bringing back some goodies for me too :-) Cant wait to lay my hands on them!! I would love to visit the STL Zoo.. I absolutely love it!! Only thing is, I might have to do it all by myself.. I dont care though! I think its one of the best Zoo's in the country! Will write a whole separate post on that.
Tomorrow's graduation at MSU.. Cant believe that its been a year since a couple of my good friends graduated and left Springfield.. Man, talk about time flying!! I am excited to wear my new top.. which..ummm.. I bought at the mall last night and for which I still haven't forgiven myself! :-( Its sooo hard! I think I've been good these four months and I really deserved to get one!! Will put up some pics of it.. Happy Friday!! :)