Sunday, October 4, 2009

My fave season is here!!

I have this weekend off after a long, long time.. My first since June! And it was extra special..coz G and K(my uncles) from India visited me in K.C! It was their first ever visit here and I wanted it to be super special! K arrived in his usual pair of shorts and was freezing his a$$ off! They loved my apt, we walked around, took pics and drove through Downtown KC, which turned out to be quite a long drive, thanks to my extremely poor directions! ;) "G" just kept clicking pics in his awesome cam! We ate, walked, took funny pics(esp of "K") and chilled..Basically, had a good time. You know, it felt soo good to have family visit me again. A lot of my friends envy me because I get to see family so often. Well, I do agree that I'm one of those fortunate ones.. What they dont understand is that, its kinda harder when you see family often.. Makes me all the more homesick, if you know what I mean! Dont get me wrong.. I'm not complaining one bit.. Like I said, it was awesome having them over and roaming through the Zona Rosa with people I know and love instead of just by myself.. Of course, the downside of it is they brought me goodies from back home and now I just can't seem to control myself from gorging on all that yum stuff! SIGH! Such is the unfairness of life...Navrathri is over and Diwali is around the corner.. the ISA is planning a big event and I really want to go.. Its something I am really looking forward to! Its been fairly busy at work.. I'm liking it.. Just not sure what the future holds for me at TRU.. Lets wait and watch.. I'm feeling pensive coz the uncles just left and the apartment is quiet again.. Its about 8:15 pm on a Saturday night..not to mention a cold, dreary night and I am by myself... Gonna just curl up and drink up some hot chocolate maybe! But hey.. guess what? Its Fall.. my absolute fave time of year.. Happy October :)