Monday, October 26, 2009

The month that was!

Technically, this post should be posted next week when the month is over, but I figured I'd go ahead and do this while I've got nothing to do!

Awesomest thing that happened this month : Got to watch Surya on big screen!! Woot! Woot! He was eye candy! But the less I talk about the movie, the better! :P

Other small but nice things that made me feel good this month:
--Fall Colors! Its freakin BEAUTIFUL!! I open my windows to see different colored trees! Bliss!
-- Got to smell the new fragrance thats out at Bath n Body Works - "Twilight Woods"! OMG! Its awesome!! Cant wait to get paid and go raid the store!
--Made Mutter Paneer and came out tasting "quite nice"..
--talking to my grandparents.. always makes me feel good!!
--Had a weekend off after a longg, longg time..which meant..
-- I Went to Springfield and spent a weekend catching up with old buddies! Good times!!
--We can dress up for Halloween at work!! Ya-hoo! :)
--Reading Calvin n Hobbes at the library! =)
--Having "G" and "K" over at KC at the beginning of the month.. it always feels good to see family!
--Oh did I mention watching Surya on big screen? ;)

What really sucked though was.....
--The end of summer!! I swear I'm not looking forward to an extreme KC winter!
--Missing Thata's 80th! :(
--Being all alone on Diwali! I swear I'm not trying to gain self-pity or anything, but it is the worst time to be alone!! When the rest of the world is celebrating! Even the Obamas made it festive! :P --And of course there were several Diwali functions happening and I couldn't go for a single event! Boo-Hoo!!
--Having a $10 off coupon to shop at DSW Shoes and not being able to buy boots(that I've be dying to buy!) coz of uncertain future after Dec! I mean, I definitely don't need to be walking in boots in Chennai right? :(

To be updated by the end of the month......


Anonymous said...

first one to visit my bloggggg...

and as devilish as i might sound, i am actually looking forward to seeing u in december...

hehhehehehe... sorry, but i've got no one heree....... :(

Aishu said...

Ms. B,
what can I so glad you're back! Hugs!!

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