Sunday, July 18, 2010

My family's on the prowl!

Appa and I had "the talk". He was driving me someplace and suddenly looked at me and asked "Aishu, are you ready to be married?" I was so taken aback and honestly didn't have an answer. Am I ready?  How does one judge the "readiness factor"? No clue. Just stayed quiet. He pressed on a little more, he seemed more stressed out than I did and I actually felt so sorry for him. Finally, I relented. Said "I don't know if I'm ready.. but if you want to know if you can start looking out for me officially, then yes, you may. But I want a boy from India - from Chennai :P Appa was so shocked - maybe because I've always maintained I want to settle abroad - at least away from family for some time. Appa also looked a little scared - I guess  because most Tam Brahm boys are either in the USA or in UK! I figured this would let me buy some time! Evil laugh =)

But on a more serious note,my entire family is rejoicing like a person has already been found(ya news does spread pretty quickly around my family) and mind you, I've only just said yes to start looking. To be honest, I don't care about where I have to settle down, what his profession is and all that blah. I'm just hoping we hit it off and hope there is a certain level of chemistry.. you know, like how with some people you just strike the right chord, instantly. Thata said "Don't worry Aishu, I will find a dashing man for you - this is going to be my job starting today". And everyone laughed. Everyone looked so happy. But me - I'm freaking out like never before.