Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dude, whats your problem?!

I know Chennai auto guys were notorious but this one takes the cake! So all this guy needed to do was drop me two streets down. He asked me to pay him 50 bucks, and after much negotiation, we stuck to 40. Very grumpily he starts the ride, he honks, he brakes every two seconds and gives me the dirtiest looks! SIGH! I feel like telling him to grow up. As I come closer to my destination, I tell him to go a little further down, take a U turn and drop me. He starts screaming and refuses!!! He says "I cannot drive there" in the rudest possible way! I tell him to stop right where we were, I was super pissed, I tell him you dont deserve anything more than 20 bucks. I get out of the auto, I fling the money across his face! He just stares coz I don't think he expected this monstrous behavior from this sweet, innocent faced girl :) Anyway, I fling it across, I swear at him in all the rotten Tamil words I know(which is not too much!, I usually save it for idiots like him!) and before he can react I turn around and start walking away.. At this point, I will be honest and say that I was literally running across the flyover because I was so scared he will come chasing after me and kidnap me or worse still, rape me!!! Stop laughing, its not in the least bit funny.. and I took off.. as fast as my legs would run!!!! I did reach home safe.. I tell you, my life is full of DRAMA :P


Sandy said...

Adventures of Ash Narayan :) .... you are right...what if the rick guy would have used Newton's 3rd law??? ... On hind sight i guess you shd've waited for another rick... not to cow you done but.. I wouldnt recommend the aggresion ever again if you are all alone..unless someone's coming to hurt you...Take care

Clement said...

nice going isu.....uve guts for sure!!! sweet...innocent??? are u kidding me??? that will pass with people who dont know the real u...hahahahahah!!!!miss u chika!

Aishu said...

@ Sandy - will do, thanks for the word of caution :)
@ clem - :P guess you know me too well!!!

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