Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ode to "buddiness" :-)

I've been wanting to do this for a while now and what better month than August(you know friendship month and all :P) This post is dedicated to the new "buddy" in my life! Lets call him "S". Wondering why he gets a special post in my blog?! Well, he "demanded" that he be mentioned in here. Sigh. I know. But on a more serious note, "S" has been a pillar of support for me these few months. For starters, he got Facebook to work on my iPhone. Hehe. Thats reason enough for him to get space in here coz as you know I'm totally addicted to FB! He has put up with some serious tantrums of mine, always stayed quiet when I kept bashing him up(not literally, silly but you know - I've given him some pretty harsh nicknames such as Blabbermouth, loser and the likes!), been a real awesome colleague at work, given me the "ash, be serious" pep talks when needed and been a lot of fun to hang out with. Its so strange how you become close to some people in such a short period of time. Sometimes, I feel like I've known this person forever and I've only known him for the last three months. "S" is not just an awesome buddy but he's an amazing hubby(I can vouch for it because he goes religously to Bangalore ever single weekend to be with his wife), a fun papa(I've heard him talk endlessly about his darling baby boy) and he's simple and nice at heart! Anyway, it was his birthday last week and I was supposed to have completed this post back then, but couldn't do it for a lot of lame reasons. So, here's wishing you a very very happy birthday month(hey, it counts alright?!) and thanks for looking out for me. Buddies for life! =)


Anonymous said...

Delighted, elated, elevated, ecstatic, exultant, excited..!!!..Phew!!...Guess i am falling short of adjectives here..

This was a rocking Post Ash!!!!...God bless you ... :)

Sindhu said...

Ahem... I have known you for the past 4 yrs and haven't been mentioned once in your blog :(

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