Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mood Swings

I dislike changes of any kind. Ok. Most people do. But I really detest them. Abhor them. Hate them. Any other synonyms exist for this kind of hatred?!  Maybe its the earthy Taurus in me that hates anything different happening all of a sudden. I don't know. I'm grumpy. I've been having too many mood swings. On another note, we had our office party this week and boy. It was good, good fun! Yours truly played a big role and needless to say, the party was a big hit! Kick Ass, huh?  =) Got lots of compliments from all the big shots and very surprisingly from people whom I least expected to get complimented from! I was so touched. Was on cloud # 27, if that exists! It was an amazing night and ahem, really shows I know to party and throw a good one, too! =) Ok ok.. will shut up now! The night ended on an extremely adventurous note.....umm.. not sure what to write about it..but lets just say I had the time of my life!!! It brings a smile on my face each time I think about it. Thanks, K, for that awesome awesome night!!! =) On another note, I'm running the Chennai marathon this Sunday. Stop laughing! Not in the least bit funny. I'm perfectly serious! 7kms starting at 6am. Wish me good luck! Also gonna catch Lafangey Parindey this week..Neil Nithin Mukesh.. Drooool! Looking forward to lots of fun and masti this weekend. More later, adios!
PS I just noticed how my mood swung from "being grumpy" to "being on cloud # 27" to "looking forward to fun and masti". Told you.. I have the worst mood swings! :P