Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcoming 2011 in style! :-)

Starting a new year is always fun - I mean its time for resolutions, for making changes, for new beginnings etc. Basically it seems fresh and exciting! 2010 was one helluva year - I had come back home, started living with parents again after about 3.5 years, had to get used to living here again, I missed certain people back in the US terribly, missed my job, missed being alone in my cozy apartment etc. But strangely, I never regretted coming back, you know.. True, I missed everything but I know I'd made a good decision by choosing to come back home for good, especially when I heard about my very close friends who were still struggling without jobs. 2010 was probably the year of being with my family and I truly enjoyed being a part of it all again and it made me realize how much I missed out while I was there! I hated the first 5 months!! I truly did and I'm glad to say I've put those behind me completely!! Very proud of myself :-) And then magic happened. Really, it was MAGICAL! I dont know how the rest of the year just "flew" past me but I wish I could hold onto those months forever.. I enjoyed socializing, meeting new people, and livin it up once again! I really enjoyed my job at Chrysler and made some friends for life! Ok, so wondering what was so magical about making new friends/socializing? Well, it was here that I met someone very very special that just completely blew me away.. Introducing "K"(racked my brains for something more sexy or cute but just couldn't come up with anything, might change later when inspiration strikes me!) as he'd be mentioned in my blog going forward, the hero that just had me floored! Contrary to what you'd think or expect, K is simple, an introvert, very down to earth, mature, sweet, caring, charming, well read, biking enthusiast, food-manic, brilliant photographer, and a total flirt(although he wouldn't admit it!). And I say contrary to what you think because I always thought I'd end up with someone that would make "me" shut up, that wouldn't put up with my nonstop chatter, that wouldn't like to read, that wouldn't flirt endlessly and I never ever thought I'd end up with someone that adores bikes so much, considering how much I hate them! What's great though is that he loves to travel, explore new places, knows exactly how to handle my tantrums(thats a BIG thing ;-)), likes music of all kinds, is adventurous in general(like even trying out different cuisines etc), is witty and has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh my guts out!!
To sum it up, I couldn't have asked for a better way to end last year and begin this new year - I'm very excited, very thankful and extremely lucky to have found someone that I adore so much for life!!! Here's hoping we hit it off well and that this year turns out to be one fantastic year for both of us.. You guys have fun too!! Happy 2011 guys! :-)