Monday, January 24, 2011

Woot Woot!

Tonight is super special coz I have someone totally awesome as a fiance! :P


Anonymous said...

:-) wonder who

isaacgautam said...

Finace??? Oye madam! :)) Looks like someone been busy! haha Congrags Aishuuuu! Very HAPPY for you. And excuse me....need to see some pics soon!

Aishu said...

@G - Mr. Finance Major! :P Thank uuuuuu,thank uuu so much! I've definitely been hard at work, if you know what I mean :D Pics to follow.. once I get a hold of some myself. lol

Sindhu said... very mad at you :( how can you not tell me about this earlier :(

Sindhu said...

Oh Sorry!!! Congratulations Aishooo...Am so happy for you!:)

Aishu said...

Sindhuja! - Of course I told you!!!!!!! What do u mean?!?! :-( You know what I'm talking about, we talked in detail when u called last time!

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