Saturday, June 25, 2011

The married girl says HELLO! :)

Hi lovely readers of my blog!
In case you're wondering, I didn't do a runaway bride at my wedding. I was a good, sweet girl, got married properly and didn't do any drama at my wedding! :P The entire 4 days went by so quickly - let me tell you, the days before the wedding where all the planning and shopping happens, that's where all the fun lies. The actual wedding goes by in a jiffy and before we knew we were safely married to each other. I still remember that moment - I was in my green Oonjal saree, sitting on stage and suddenly I was asked to come sit on Appa's lap, someone thrust the red, koorai saree in my hands, another person said fall at Karthik's feet(Yes yes I had to, stop smirking mister!), and 3 girls dragged me to get dressed in that, I was told I had 5 minutes exactly to get into one of the most complicated ways of tying an already complicated outfit :( There were about 20 mamis gaping me in the room and there was chaos all over. I was so numb to any kind of emotions - I quietly stood, someone finally draped it around me, it was time for me to show up in my mami avatar back on stage, Appa was sitting in his chair fondly looking at me and I was shaking when I sat on his lap... very poignant moment indeed... K looked so tension free, I'm like doesn't he know what he's getting into?? He did somethings that the priest made me do and then tied the three knots.. Bliss... I was married people... truly one of the happiest moments in my entire life.. thank you all for the lovely wishes, gifts blah blah blah..
Honeymoon was awesome - Zuri was an awesome choice, K, thanks so much for indulging! Very luxurious, very serene, very romantic :-) Enjoyed our house boat experience - must do I'd say! K was convinced I'm Mallu wonly thanks to me speaking some rubbish Malyalam and him thinking I was fluent. Shows how much he knows huh, coz the chettas weren't too happy, I got lots of stares for talking gibberish! :P
We got back and guess what? Yours truly got a new job as well! Oh man. Life's been busy that much I can tell you! I work with Global Adjustments in R.A Puram - a lovely office, they're into cross cultural training, relocation, realty services for expatriates and Indians moving back from the West. I'm into training and its been fun so far!! Really liking the work, the place etc. Only thing though is its an all women centre - well not really but the majority of them are women and I'm close to a few of them, should take me a while before I make some good friends..
Our new apartment is good, its come up really well, I will take some pictures soon and put them up for u to see.. Very fun life so far.. Will keep updating this space and will definitely write more about married life in detail. Till then, take care guys! Ciao! Happy weekend! :-)

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