Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ze Bachelorette!!!

After much debates and discussions and changes, my awesome Bach was held on Friday night! It all started a month back when my bestie Mosh wanted to discuss with my other friends to have a combined one. She went through some rough times coz of mismatch in schedules, timing etc. It was finally decided that we'd just go out - the two of us and have a nice time! But of course u see that cannot happen. There was drama and surprises. Mehaj walked in half an hour later and surprised me! Sneha walked in another half hour later and surprised me further!!! Wohhoo! In the end it was all good - there were the usual Bach stuff - funky blue tiara that I had to wear all night, drinking, good loud music, "embarassing gifts", cute guys, and of course the dares! :-( I made a fool of myself as usual - my first dare was to pick a random cute boy and buy him a drink, leave it in front of him, smile flirtatioiusly and walk off! I messed up. I went upto the bar, and came back without approaching him coz it was weird. I then took a few deep breaths and decided to be bold and started going upto him with all my friends' eyes on me and for my awesome luck he walked off!!! Argh!!! My girls couldn't hold their laughter back. I have to admit it was funny! He then came back and this time I was determined to throw the drink at him - no matter what. I then went, put down the drink with a thud and just ran! My girls were so pissed - they said go back and complete the dare :-( I then went back, smiled cutely and our conversation went like this --
Cute guy with cute accent(CGWCA) : What was that all about?
Duffer(ME!) - Uh. Sorry.
CGWCA: Smiling was it some dare thingy..
Moronic ME - Uh yea. U see its my bacherlorette tonight.
CGWCA - Ah. Thats nice. Congratulations!
Gives me a broad smile and shakes hands!!
My night is made :-)

I head back and my girls are so jealous. Hehehe. Then there was the awesome quiz that Mosh made and your truly got 9/10 on quiz about my hubby - Yayyy! Pat on my back! :)
The bestest part was when Mr. K walked in towards the absolute end - my mouth was hanging open!!!
Sooper partayyy ladies, thanks mucho.

One week and I'll be a married woman :P
Random pics from the night -
The Venue :)

What we got drunk on!

Sne surprised me by showing up!!!!

Sheepish looks/giggles during my "dare"

The wide grin says it all!

The gurls :)