Friday, July 29, 2011

2 months and couldn't be happier :)

Going to Bella Ciao tonight - just me and my hubby dearest!! <3
Told him we'll dig into some yummy ice cream post dinner - he's agreed! I really look forward to times when it's just the 2 of us going out -its kinda hard when you're recently married coz you get so many invites to people's houses, dinners, parties and what not -  so when it actually is happening, I'm so excited and outta control!
Tomorrow night we're going out with our good friend(the one who made this all happen!). He's leaving to go to Chinky land aka China for 3 whole years!! That's too long na? Will miss him! But I'm also super excited for him and I've told him to make the most of this opportunity. Let's see - hope he makes me proud :)
So for old times sake, I told him we should go to Bessie, drink out of Pepsi bottles(my scheming hubby's idea), chill out there and then head someplace for dinner. Really looking forward to hanging out with him.
Then there's the usual meeting up with the parents happening this weekend - basically its packed! Just the way I like it! Happy weekend folks! Enjoy and make the most of it!