Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Count the Aishus" :P

My inbox is full of emails from family, friends, loved ones and I've treasured many such mails over the years - was digging up something today and this is what I found! Priceless! When I was studying in the US, I had this taped on my wall :-) An email from my darling Chachu, who was about 4 when he typed this up and sent in 2007. 
Wanna see him this instant! :( Love you! 

hi aishu where are you.  aishu i love you. aishu buy  a plane for me. aishu dont buy anything for devi. aishu can you come here.aishu whisky ( my dog in kerala) is very naughty.aishu can you come for my birthday. aishu my mama got married to sreela ammayi.aisuh buy dirty juice for acha.aishu yesterday my amma made pizza.aishu in december is my birthday. aishu there you have a computer.aishu devi full time seeing TV.aishu devi is very naughty nowadays.aishu did you see neopets. aishu devi will get up in the morning and will tell can i see tv can i see tv.aishu aishu you got any pets over there.aishu aishu there you got any friends. aishu is it nice and cold over there.aishu you got any chocolates over there for me.aishu aishu is it bright over there. aishu is it fun over there.aishu is there big big dogs over there aishu.aishu there you buy one robot for me.aishu shin chan is very finny. aishu in your house pooja was there ok.vishal came and he took my power ranger gun and took  home.aishu,ha, you know in kerala nice breeze and thunder came and scared my dog. aishu that dog is very naughty. you know my dog bit me one day and was running and catching me.and that came up and i was jumping jumping jumping jumping.aishu for your house pooja we put rose flower everywhere and i was also helping anu aunty. sekhar uncle told he love crackers.aishu you know my sister ,she is seeing hanna montana and all the dirty things.aishu you love your dad or your mom. aishu you know my friend gireesh, he is very small.aishu you know tom and jerry, tom and jerry is very very funny.you know aishu tome and jerry you have too everyday. you got mosquito bat over there aishu.aishu you know devi is a naughty girl.you know my sister everytime do computer or tv.aishu you know roshitha gone to calcutta. aishu you know my van friends are naughtier than the van driver.aishu you know malayalam.you know my sister is the naughtiest girl in the whole world. aishu my friend gireesh got a big car like my car same height in his house.