Friday, August 12, 2011

Couldn't do without these...

I know this is rare - I don't usually log in within a few hours to update BUT I wanted to! So here I am again, this time in a much much much better and improved mood :)
Made a list of things I'm extremely thankful for -
1. My family - Don't have to say anything about you guys - I am what I am today only because of you sillies! Love you all. U are awesome!
2. My in laws - Duh. They are part of family now but they deserve a special mention - No they don't have the slightest clue about this blog space so I'm definitely not sucking up to them through this - but no, they are such wonderful guys! We share a great rapport - they are so so supportive it is quite unbelievable! :)
3. My job - Lovin' every moment of it! The people I meet, the feedback I've been receiving on my training has been pretty darned awesome!, my lovely boss - she's super sweet!, the people I work with are nice too - so it's all good at the moment, touche! :P
4. Our beautiful home - Gawd. The lovely orange curtains in our living room, the blue green colors of our bedroom, the nice pricey furniture from Home Center, all modern appliances we got, the swanky flat screen TV, home theatre system, computer - gosh I could go on and on about our home. I love it! It's not too big, not too small - just perfect I'd say :) Very thankful for our lovely cozy apartment!
5. Friends - M, who advises me on pretty much everything, S who makes me laugh and all my other wonderful pals abroad and here.... u guys keep me going, Drama Queen appreciates all that u do! :)
6. And last but definitely NOT the least - My awesome, loving husband - I don't know what I'd be without you. I've realized over the past few days where we've been dealing with so many things, I felt you were so distant from me and that you were going far away from me(for some strange stupid reason - I think I was wayyy too hormonal) - I couldn't deal with it. I wanted to be close to you. I needed you. Hated being so far and distant from you. Craved some nice bear hugs and kisses. I have realized that its pretty simple - I cannot be the person I am without you - you complete me :) So so sooooo thankful that you've come into my life - Love you sweets! :)

So, we are going on our first road trip this long weekend and I simply cannot wait to get away from all this - looking forward to tomorrow morning 5 am when we set off - Let the fun BEGIN! =)