Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogging on a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon!

I hope you lovely people had a wonderful Diwali - My thala Diwali was indeed truly memorable. Family, food, crackers, sweets, new clothes, dressing up and being the centre of attention... Sigh. It's no wonder Diwali is my favoritest festival!
I'm quite grumpy. Festival season is ending, holidays aren't that many, in fact I have no holidays left this year, everything looks gloomy. My job's quite a bitch. 'Nuff said here in this forum. Wanna run -- Wish me luck peeps!
Well my weekend was good. Just sat at home all day today, cooked quite a lot, watched Formula 1(what have u done to me, K?!?).. I just started reading Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020.. Believe it or not, I went to Landmark just to get it. I say that because I know quite a few friends who can't stand the dude. I like his style of writing - it's simple and light. His 2 States was quite hilarious. His other books haven't been too bad either...  So decided to give this one a shot.
Otherwise its been a lazy, gloomy, rainy day.... Chennai weather has been SEXY! You don't hear that too often, do ya? I cannot believe that it is the same city that scorches 40 degrees in Summer.
Tonight is perfect weather to gorge on hot yummy Maggi --- unfortunately for me, K HATES maggi. Me thinks I should have put this down as a condition to marry me! :P Too late now!
I think I'll go switch on the music and dance now. Au Revoir!