Thursday, October 13, 2011

Looking at the brighter side of things

It's really strange that someone whom you think knows you so well, actually doesn't necessarily know everything about you. Confused? I am too! Well, to put it in a simpler way, if I am close to somebody, I would assume they'd know if I am pissed off about something or if something is really bothering me. The least they would do is come ask you what the matter was or if everything was ok. Right? YEA RIGHT! I am so wrong - there are people existing in this world, so full of their own bloody selves, their own work, their own schedule, their own routine and not bothered if you've had a rough day - work wise or even otherwise. And I'm talking about people whom you're close to -- supposedly. Phew. Don't want to waste time writing or ranting about such characters here. I'm just learning to let go and learning to not be too needy or clingy, I never thought I was, but seems like I'm hard to handle so maybe I'm mistaken. I dunno. Frankly I'm getting used to being this way.
Moving on to brighter things in my life --
a) Festival season I told you was here! And boy. It was an extremely busy Navrathri season - lots of Golu hopping, Lots of socializing. Good times! And with Diwali around the corner, things are only heating up even further. I've already gotten my new outfits, blew quite a bit, but full thanks to parents and in laws :-) Pretty excited about wearing it all - got myself a new hair cut and smoothening session, loving all the self pampering ;-)
b) My good buddy flew down all the way from China and landed home - was a super duper surprise!!! Loved having him home with me - only wished I had somehow known - would have cooked him a nice meal  - On second thoughts, its probably a good thing I didn't know - errr, I'll face it, he didn't miss much! :-(
c) Spoke to my chweety Chachu for a long time last week - Bliss! He's still the same sweetheart that I love and miss so much!
d) My bestie M - moved to a new city, with a new job! Wondering why I'm excited? Of course! This is her big opportunity and I told her to grab it!!! I'm hoping she does well and enjoys every minute of her time alone!Good luck, Mousie!!
e) Was a great week in terms of catching up with old buddies - especially the ones I studied with in the US! Sindhu, Esther, Zam, Rads....... good times!!! :)
f) Made Semiya Paysam for the first time and it came out tasting nice! Or so my in laws claimed. Oh well! =)

Gtg now, will post later, feelin much better already, I knew I would! But before I sign off wanna wish my baby boy, Rayyan, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =)
Gosh you're such a big boy already!!!