Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrapping up 2011!

It feels like I just posted about the beginning of 2011, can't believe it's almost gone!
Oh well, life's been extremely busy. First of all, the Margazhi season is here which means Chennai has good weather, lovely music and dance concerts, holiday season etc etc
Thankfully for me, K likes to go to concerts, we went to a few and enjoyed ourselves! We had the pleasure of listening to Kadri Gopalnath last evening and boy we came out totally relaxed! He is terrific. And K managed to get an autograph from him as well!! He is a big fan and for his luck it all worked out(he drew him a saxaphone!!).. Cute! :-)
We also celebrated "Karthikai Deepam" -- my hubby lit a lot of lamps and our house looked beautiful!
It gets even better with Christmas around the corner. I baked a chocolate cake for Christmas and it was quite YUM! :) I realize that having a hubby like K works in a lot of ways.. he pushes me to go that extra mile and experiment new things in my kitchen. I hate to say this but I am having good fun!! I never thought I would!
Speaking of Xmas, well well well, we have our own little Christmas tree set up at home.. complete with LED lights and all! It is super cute.. and I love it!
Oh I never posted about Delhi. Well, Delhi was great fun! We ate street food, we had yummy pani puris, aloo tikkis and loads of shopping! Met K's Paati, who really is a sweetheart! Delhi weather was good, we did lots of sight seeing like typical tourists.. Humayun's Tomb, India Gate, the Qutub and what not.. it was all good fun!
Dinners -- We went to quite a few snazzy dinners this month.. Fusion 9 was good.. great ambience, drinks, good food.... highly recommend! We also tried out Above Sea Level which is different.. its an open terrace.. again good food, nice place to chill out especially during this weather!
Movies -- well well, I watched Twilight with Shru from work(was brilliant!!), I watched Tintin(good one again!), Puss in Boots(Antonio Banderas' voice.. 'nuff said!).. all good movies. Didn't watch Ra One.. Planning to watch The Dirty Picture, Mayakkam Enna.. both have good reviews.. I'm of course one of those who is addicted to Kolaveri much to K's annoyance.. but I think its a plain, simple song... it's caught on to me!
Well, in all I must say it has been a very memorable year for me.. You don't get married that often do ya? ;)
Looking forward to an even better 2012... Wishing all you guys a very Merry Christmas and a lovely New Year 2012! Have fun my friends.. Party hard! <3