Saturday, January 21, 2012

How has the new year 2012 been treating ya’ll? J
Well mine has gotten off to a pretty good start! My uncle from Boston had come down and hence there have been so many get togethers and parties and what not! I remember the times as a kid when he would come down every Christmas(those days America was like “Oh God he’s from AMERICA, unlike these days where there’s not too much bhav!) But anyway, so we all used to get super excited when he would come and it was like Santa Claus is bringing us all lovely goodies!!
One of his best gifts that I have ever received from him was a pencil set..he got all the kids sets of pencils in lovely colors with our names engraved on it!!! As a kid I would take it to school and show off so much because nobody ever had one nor even seen one! So I was so proud and I still remember I would never sharpen my pencil fearing I might run out of it! so last evening we had a get together to felicitate him and we all took turns speaking and surprisingly all my other cousins remembered the pencil as well! J

So in my speech, I told him please bring back those pencils for us! I would love for my kids to own that :P He said the lady that was doing it passed away but that he would check to see if it could be done elsewhere. Yay! J Small pleasures in life!
In my speech, I did mention the lovely times I’ve had at Boston, I remember him showing me around MIT, Harvard, Plymouth, buying me lovely Greek pizzas, Ben & Jerry ice cream and what not!
That brought an end to the family jamboree(as K affectionately calls it), starting with the Christmas party, the New Year picnic, the get togethers... Gosh, I loved it!
K is back in town after a trip to Dubai... Jealous! He went on a Conference at work and ended up bringing me a bag full of Bath & Body Works.. Now thats a good boy, I really have trained him well :-)
More exciting news,  well now that the news is pretty much out, I’d say this here.. My little sis Sne is getting engaged this month end!! D, is a super sweet, super nice boy from Pune and I’m really excited for her!!! So that’s the next event I’m gearing up for!