Saturday, February 18, 2012

Warning : MUSH Alert!

I wanted to go all out for our first Valentines after our wedding. So here's what I did
---Went to the nearest store and got lots of stuff in red -- streamers, candles, crepe papers, glitter, balloons, a huge heart(!) etc. Got some lovely red roses from the road side! Also picked up a cute card and a sooper gift for K! It was a miniature version of his Honda CBR 600 F!! Boy, I don't know why but I was so excited to see it.. coz I could imagine the joy on his face! :)
---Came home and started doing up our living room.. I put up the streamers, placed the candles on our centre table, laid out the roses, threw some rose petals, lit up some incense to make the room smell heavenly.


--Made a cute "K" with the crepe paper... don't even ask! I was super excited and went a little crazy!

--- What's a Valentines day without a cheesy heart, right? :P 

--Around 7:30 I called him to find out where he was and for my luck he was like 10 minutes away from home. I quickly turned off the lights, lit up the candles and waited (im)patiently at the door with my phone camera on! I was all set :-)

---- K arrives, rings the bell.. I just leave the door open, In he walks with a stupid smirk on his face!! Hehehe. Was cute!! Totally worth all my effort, I'd say!

That was not all. Next morning, when he was out on his walk, I quickly left the gift and the card on the table. He loved it.. Plus I made uthapam/tomato thokku for him for the very first time.. he was bugging me about it for a long time and what better than this day, right? ;-) We went out for dinner and he gave me a gift voucher from Brass tracks.. yay, more clothes!! Awesome day in all. Hope u guys had a fun Valentines as well :-)
To "our" song --