Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Random updates

Off late, I've received wedding invitations via Facebook. Ok. Pause. 
Hmm. Not completely against it, but still not too much to my liking. Now don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying I expect a physical invite or anything like that.. a simple e-mail with the scanned copy of an invite can't be thaaatt hard to send, correct? Somehow it gives it a personal touch. When I got married, I ensured I sent it to each person separately, especially since a lot of my friends with either away from Chennai or abroad. I would have hated to create an "event" on FB and invite my friends! But ok two weeks ago, I received a wedding invitation via SMS!! Ok. DRAMATIC PAUSE now. What is the world getting to these days? Was I expected to show up at the wedding? Or maybe it was just a mere formality? And the venue just gave the name of the hotel, I had no clue where it was located. Yes it was in Chennai only. Oh well, not like I was close to the person. I mean not super close... coz if it were that category, then I wouldn't even expect an invitation, right? ;-) 
In other news, a Minister in Karnataka was caught watching porn while the Assembly session was on!! Rotfl!!  These politicians are our biggest entertainers, I tell u! 
I am keeping my fingers crossed for something, I will not reveal anything here until I get a confirmation!! 
My bestie, M is coming back to town... for good... let the fun begin! :-) 


Duchess Elena said...

i hate wedding events on FB.. like FB is the last place i am expected to be invited.. and sms... lol am so with you on that!

and what is that something? i am calling u rite now...

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