Friday, December 28, 2012

2-0-1-3..Bring it on!

Gosh where has 2012 gone? Whoosh. So quick! To herald a brand new year that brings with it lots of hope, joy and holds promise, I'm doing a special post - 6 categories under which are listed 6 things- why 6? Coz 2-0-1-3 adds up to what again, silly? :P Alright, here goes..

6 "Awesomatic moments" in 2012 - in no particular order.. 
- Sne and Dee's engagement/wedding - 4 fun filled days with family and friends.. togetherness, fun, laughter, food. Just how a wedding should be. 
- Standing in front of the illuminated Eiffel Tower on a cold, windy evening, gazing up at the night sky - something I've always always dreamt of... 
- Waking up on 29th May 2012 and realizing I've completed one full year of wedded bliss with a man I love to bits! 
- Driving a new baby home.. Our Swift! 
- When my bestie told me she was getting hitched! 

6 songs from 2012 that gave me a real high.. 
- Nenjukulle from Kadal - I can't enough of this. Period. Waiting for the movie. 
- Pareshaan from Ishaqzaade - Lovely voice, awesome music by Amit Trivedi, hum worthy.. 
- The Disco Song from Student of the year - An eternal favorite, remixed really well. The dance steps are mind blowing and a great workout number! 
- Paani Da from Vicky Donor - gotta a very different feel to it.. Ayushmann has done a fab job with the vocals. Very enjoyable. 
- Skyfall - Adele - <3 div="div" nbsp="nbsp">

6 driving rules I will keep up this year 
I can't understand how indifferent people are while driving these days. It's no surprise that everyday we find someone dying. I mean it's as if people don't care! Well I do. I promise to drive safely and follow all rules! 
- Stopping at the red signal.. yes even if it is after 10 pm I don't care, I will stop. 
- Staying on the "slow lane" and let others overtake from the right and NOT FROM THE LEFT. People. It's basic driving rules. I get super pissed when this happens!! 
- Carry my papers correctly - including my license, insurance papers etc - err, ok K knows what I'm talking about! And oh yes, always always will wear my seat belt no matter how late I am!! 
- I will let pedestrians cross even if it means braking sometimes. I've seen that in certain roads, it's almost impossible for them to cross over. Of course this requires discretion because sometimes you see these retards that jump from one side to the other, I will never stop for them. But if I see some old person struggling to cross and if it means stopping for one minute, I will most certainly do it. Why? This is something I would HAVE to do if I was abroad. What stops me from doing this here in my own country?? 
- Not honk unnecessarily! Argh. Especially happens when you're waiting for the signal to turn green.. even before the other side traffic has stopped, the guys behind you start honking as if their dear life depends on it. It annoys the crap outta me!! So I will not honk unless absolutely necessary. 

6 things I will learn this year 
- Learn to click nice pictures in a bad@$$ camera ;) 
- Learn to stitch or knit 
- Learn to cook especially bake - yeah yeah - I have a long way to go.. 
- Learn to tie a saree - Stop laughing. Have a lot of weddings to attend this year! 
- Learn to decorate my house - I know the basics but I have a lot to learn in terms of making a house into a home like changing flowers everyday, dusting frequently and keeping things in order 
- Learn to be organized - Haha! ok I sneaked it in here.. It's almost next to impossible for me but hey I'll try. that's why the new year is special, coz it brings hope! :) 

6 "events" I'm looking forward to in 2013 
- Relaxing in a brand new home.. yes yes, my parents have bought a brand new house and the house warming is in January and I can't wait for it to be done up! 
- My bestie's wedding in February!
- Followed by a trip to Delhi for another wedding.. which means yummy chaat and lots of shopping! 
- A Pune reunion - Meeting Sne and Dee in March! Ashwin too, possibly. Hooray! 
- Possible travel to Hyderabad, a city I've never been to for another wedding! Biryani, chudi bazaar etc etc 
- Watching a Mani Ratnam movie and listening to ARR music on the big screen.. Kadal.. I'm waiting! 

6 wishes I have this brand new year...
- A new job!! All my fingers crossed for this one. 
- To be able to wake up early and walk for 30 minutes. Not a big deal in reality, but so very tough especially the waking up early part. Yawn. 
- My family coming together. A sincere wish for this one. With this comes happiness and cheer.  
- Connecting with my friends from school - You know I've not met so many of them in a long, long time. Will be great to have a reunion of sorts! 
- Good health for all - physically and mentally. 
-  And last but definitely not the least, adding a new person in our lives, maybe? Just saying... but never know.. stay tuned ;-) 

Here's wishing you guys all good things this new year.. Laugh a lot, be happy and live it up! 
Happy 2013 folks :-)