Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A bad start

I'm sorry. I should have waited and posted something bright and cheery as my first post for 2013. However that pretty much sums up how these couple of weeks have been. Stressful. First, Thatha fell sick. Like "we didn't know if he was going to make it" kinda sick. In fact, K was the only soul who kept telling me to keep the faith. And believe it or not, he was right. There was a turnaround. Touchwood. Praying for his recovery. 
Next, I hear Keith fell sick. You know how close I am to the Haseltines and I was shocked to hear he had a heart attack. Not good. He is stable and doing better but its been a wake up call in terms of the lifestyle changes they have to make etc. Depressing. My bestie has been going through some real crap. I wish things would improve for her. So is my MIL. I pray for her to bounce back to life, just like how I have seen her in 2010. She is going through a lot. I don't know how much more she can handle. I wish I can help.. not sure how though. I hear K's good friend's father is also very very sick, he visited him yesterday. Dunno if he will survive. K's best friend is also sick. He had a surgery last week, thankfully is recovering well and is back home now. So as you can see, I've heard of so many people being sick. Too many hospital visits between K and me. Enough. Its been super stressful just hearing so many people going through health issues. Can good health prevail for all please?