Monday, April 7, 2014


Strange title I know. But I kinda feel like I am reaching a situation where I just want some "me" time. In fact, craving for it. The past few weeks/months have been uneventful yet awfully busy. The fact that I had not blogged until March should have told you the kind of life I was leading. I have been hearing complaints from everyone. To start with, my dear hubby. Well, he feels like I haven't spent enough time at home, I haven't cooked him a proper meal, I haven't done anything "fun" with him in a long time like a movie or a long drive. He has been incredibly busy with a project at work and has been getting home late over the weekdays. Which meant, weekends he just wanted to lounge around and do nothing(Read: Meet nobody!!). Aah well. You see, that can never happen with a family like mine. Post the office party on the 15th, my folks had organized this big puja at home which involved like a 100 people(no I am not exaggerating). He simply did not want to attend. My folks made a big deal out of it and went to the extent of texting him and asking him to show up.. Needless to say, all hell broke loose. K went mad and it was hungama at home! Well then, the next one week we just kept bickering at each other. Sigh. Next up, was the parents. They simply refuse understand the kind of person K is. They cannot believe that he can be so fussy(at least that is how they look at it), I tried explaining his personality to them but in vain. So they were annoyed and irritated and I had to bear the brunt of it. Next up was the in laws(read: Mother in Law). She was annoyed that K & I had pretty much stopped visiting them over the weekends and she called me one Sunday and screamed on the phone. She was super duper pissed and wouldn't even let me speak a word. I was stunned. I did not know how to react or what to say. This weekend started with my granny calling me and inviting me home for a dinner where some ladies were coming(Oh No, not again!). I politely declined and told her I had already made plans with another friend(Of course, she went to the extent of inviting my friend also for the dinner, yes my family is crazy ;-)) - She was really annoyed that I declined and asked me to reconsider my decision. I was firm. I told her no because in my mind I had decided to spend the entire weekend with K. She gave me a big lecture as to how I do not visit her anymore, how I do not call her like I used to and how she needed my help. Iyyyoooo.
The one person I have been absolutely dying to meet is my Thatha. He is all by himself now and not a day passes where I don't think about him. I wished I could meet him and spend half a day talking, finding out how he is coping with life without Thathi and how he is pulling along. In fact, my cousin from Pune speaks more often to him that I do #hangsfaceinshame
I also haven't visited Maxi Chitti and Shankar Chitappa in their new house.. something which I've been promising them I would.. That's just the family.. My college friends have pretty much given up on me and my school friends are probably the only ones who come close to understanding what I am going through right now.. So even they have been demanding...Work is busy busy. I come home late(another of K's problem), my colleagues in fact call me "Cinderalla" because I just run out of the doors once the clock strikes 7 pm. Haha! Crazyyy! But I kinda feel like I'm disappointing people by leaving early. I wished I could stay back and meet more people but I cannot afford that luxury now.
Right now, all I want is to be left alone. I don't want to make plans with anyone. I don't want to go anywhere. I don't want to meet anyone. Just want to be left alone. Just want to pamper my tired feet with a soothing pedicure. Just want to listen to music without any interruptions. Just want to have a nice hot oil hair massage and pamper myself with the latest conditioning treatment. Just want to close my kitchen and not cook or clean for 2 days. Just want to enjoy a cup of coffee standing in my pretty balcony amidst all that beautiful plants. So calming. Just want to curl up with the AC on and watch back to back movies and fall asleep in my bean bag. Just want to spend an entire day with Tobster boy. Aah. #wishfulthinking