Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3 years up!

Dear Chintu,
Ahem. Yes you heard me right. That is what I call you these days.. Unlike Year 1 or Year 2 where I just referred to you as plain vanilla "Karthik". Does this imply that we have come closer as a couple? Hmmm. Frankly I don't know. And I haven't thought that far.All I know is that you are Chintu to me and will be life long!
This past year has been all about work and career, for both of us. You had a big project at work which you headed, I got my long awaited break last July and there has been no looking back ever since. Chintu, you are a funny guy. While I wouldn't term you as one of those men who overly encourages me to give my all at work, you are also not one of those chauvinistic types. You lie somewhere in between - where you "quietly" push me to do my best wherever it may be - be it at work, home or otherwise. Keep on pushin' I say!
As I look back to how this year has been, I feel that it has been somewhat peaceful. At least compared to the last 2 years. We know each other's taste, we know what pisses each other off(not that we don't manage to do it, but still, knowing it is at least a start!)
I've thoroughly enjoyed all the travel too - doing the Angkor Wat temples, standing at Victoria Peak, waiting for you to patiently capture that "windswept look" of mine, gorging on yummy street food at Siem Reap and "partying all night" at Mumbai. That epic night where a very "not so sober you" ran up and down in the lobby of ITC Grand Central at 2 am still flashes across my face and I cannot stop laughing at that image! You are truly crazyyy! Such fun times!
Chintu, this is one of those few moments in our life where I let you know how much you mean to me. I know I am not expressive and that does annoy the hell outta you but then this is how I am! I may continue to annoy you, I will continue being irresponsible in a lot of ways, I will still fight with you but always remember that I love you to bits and I am nothing without you!

I just get the feeling that the best is yet to come ;) Leaving you with one of our best pics taken this year. Pic courtsey: APPA! :D
Happy 3rd anniversary Chintu!