Monday, April 11, 2011

Posting for the heck of it.

I've missed writing/ranting in here. All I've written about off late is mostly about cricket. What to do? Post WC, the IPL fever has started. And yes. I've fallen so sick that the parents have forbidden me from going to the stadium to watch any of the CSK matches coz they're convinced that I'm croaking only because I screamed so much during the World Cup matches. So no more cricket for a while.
K and I have been busy house hunting these few months and I'm very proud to say we're gonna be renting a cute cozy little place in Thiruvanmyur. I never ever ever imagined I'd settle in that area. Met the house owners - very nice mama and chatty mami! :P I really like the place though -  It's a new apartment, cute, not too big, just right I'd say. We've started doing it up - bed, AC, we're picking curtains from Fab India, linen from Home Center or At Home(I dunno yet), oh and so many things going on!! Very exciting! :-) K is doing the house warming on the 22nd April(eeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)) and we're planning to start setting it up before we move in post the wedding. The next time I'm there I'll take a few pics and put it all up. Wedding shopping has started. Sarees are being bought for like 500 people I think. Mum insists on buying for every single guest. Dad is helplessly swiping the credit card(s!). Wedding invitation design is picked - there's a lot of debate going on about the font, wording and all. We've started getting reponses from folks out of town and lots of people have confirmed they're coming especially since its a weekend! K and I went over to Maxi Chitti's for drinks/dinner last week. We had a good time. Ashwin is back in Hyderabad for his course at ISB - good luck brother! My post if u notice is very random this time - too many things going on I'd say and I'm just way too excited! Hope this sickness goes away. BLAH.