Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doctor Amma to TN's Amma

First of all, I must mention a very important person in my blog - Congratulations to Dr. Sneha Shankar!!! :))
If you've noticed way back in August, I was a depressed soul ranting about her exam result. Today I wanna use this space and tell my lil' sissy I'm extremely proud of her achievement and I wanna wish her the very best in life! Good luck Sne and do my root canals and fillings free of cost!!! :))
On another note, election fever has been gripping the country. It has always been a tough contest between Kalaignar and Amma in Tamil Nadu and this year too the campaigning has been fierce.Today is election day and I went to vote. Its not my first time. I knew who I wanted to vote for - as usual I didn't vote for any major party and decided to vote for an independent candidate who has impressed me greatly by promising a "clean Anna Nagar"! Stop laughing!!! He's educated and I'm glad I was not a loser like my parents to vote a corrupt person or these days a corrupt family to power!!! I was also trying to influence K to vote for another educated person in Velachery but he of course had other plans. Pah. These people dont wanna listen to me at all. The symbols for the various parties were quite hilarious - from rings to fans to cricket bats to slates to light bulbs! :P  What impressed me was there were a lot of young people who'd come to vote. Although most of them didn't even know the candidates, still it was encouraging to see them come out and vote on this hot sunny day. The whole process was pretty easy - no problems with my voter id or long queues. Glad I voted, I'm a good good citizen! Did u guys vote today? If not, GO VOTE my people.